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Motor shows | 16.04.2014 - 18:41

Five Steps to Holding a Successful Car Enthusiasts' Event

With some research, preparation, and professional assistance, you can put the odds of success in your favor and host an event that any auto enthusiast will enjoy and remember.

No matter what sort of car enthusiasts' event you are planning, success is always the goal, however it is measured in relation to your event. With some research, preparation, and professional assistance, you can put the odds of success in your favor and host an event that all in attendance will enjoy and remember.


Survey Your Target Audience

Lots of us have cars, but a car enthusiast is a special person. These gearheads, amateur racers, and collectors are both very passionate and highly knowledgeable about cars. It is crucial that you have at least some interest in and knowledge of cars prior to organizing the event. Before the actual planning phase begins, conduct a survey to determine whether or not there is sufficient interest in the geographic location where you want to hold the event. You may find that changing venues increases your chances for a bigger turnout.



Those who own classic cars or hot rods typically hold their vehicles very dear to them and would not take it well if they were damaged or stolen at your event. Before inviting them to display their car, reassure them that your event is safe. You may not need to hire private security, but at the very least, you may wish to think about a blanket insurance policy for participants.


Vendors/Affiliate Marketers

To increase anticipation, make sure to invite local and related businesses. Many of these vendors not only enhance an auto enthusiasts' event experience by providing give-a-ways and prizes, they can generate revenue for you. For a fee, vendors can provide you with the funds to make sure your event has adequate cash flow.

Food vendors are always required for a large and time-consuming event—you don't want people leaving simply because they are hungry. A designated food area should be sufficient enough for any crowd. Additionally, some event organizers have discovered that having an information booth near the canteen encourages attendees to sign up for future events



To keep the event active and fill the time between showings, it's a good idea to have music played throughout your event. Don't cut costs in this area, make sure you set aside part of your budget for good Musimatic audio visual rental equipment.


Showing Organization

What type of cars are you inviting? You'll want to organize them in such a way as to invite visitors to see the entire exhibit. One way to do this is to have sections, dividing the cars by year (example: 1940 – 1950) or family (Muscle, Truck, Import, etc). Another good idea is to make placards available to the exhibitors, allowing them to write their name and the make, model and year of their car.


Any event can be a success. Auto events are particularly difficult in that they attract people of all backgrounds and specific interests to a common place where the only thing you're sure will satisfy all of them is the presence of cars. You will have to take into consideration the needs of all your attendees when organizing your auto event to be sure everyone enjoys themselves and leaves happy, informed, and entertained.



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