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Car tips & advice | 14.04.2014 - 17:21

Ignore These Car Repairs and Risk Your Life

When handling the repair problems on a car, every driver must remember that there are some repair items that can risk the driver's life.

When handling the repair problems on a car, every driver must remember that there are some repair items that can risk the driver's life. Ignoring anything on the list below could be a detriment to the car itself, but these problems can also cause the driver to crash or even lose their life.


1. Brake Sounds


The sounds that the brakes make when the car is driving could be nothing at all, but they could also be major problems that must be fixed immediately. When the brakes are squealing, or there is a grinding sound when you break, they could be worn down to the point that they are cutting into the metal on the wheels. When this is happening, the brakes will not stop the car nearly as fast. This could lead to crashes or accidents that could have been avoided with simple repairs at the shop.


2. Shaking


When the car shakes as the driver is braking, there is a problem with the wheels that means they are misaligned. When the wheels are not wearing down at the same rate, it is hard for the the driver to stop the car without the shaking happening. When the shaking persists, other parts of the brake system could be damaged irreparably. When this happens, the driver much invest a great deal of money in repairing the car and making sure that the wheels and calipers are not falling off or braking down.


3. Loose Brake Pedal


Loose brake pedals are a problem for every driver because the driver cannot be sure how much pressure they are applying to the brake system when they try to stop the car. Sometimes the brakes may work just fine, but there are other times when the brake pedal being loose can cause the car to not stop or slow at a different rate than normal. Car owners cannot assume that the pedal being loose is a normal thing and must make sure to get it resolved as soon as possible.


4. Un-even Tire Wearing


Take a look at the tread on your tires. You should be able to notice the tread of the tire and how worn it is. Your tread should look about the same across the width of the tire. If you have one side more worn, or even the center more worn than the outside, then you have a problem. Other possibilities could be that just a few spots have funky shapes or wearing. This is an indication that your car is not alligned properly, which could be a danger in and of itself. If this wear and tear continues, when you get up to high speeds, your tire might burst because the tire is slightly warped.


Ignoring these three problems with the car is going to cause a great deal of expense for most car owners, but it is also going to cause a great of deal danger for the driver. When drivers are on the road with other cars in a car that is not operating normally, they are putting themselves and everyone else on the road in jeopardy. Getting the car fixed today at a reputable auto garage like Interstate Auto Care is an absolute must for every driver on the road.

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