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Car tips & advice | 14.04.2014 - 16:32

5 Items That Should Be in Everyone's Glovebox

Being caught in an emergency situation without the right tools can be downright dangerous. With these items in your glovebox you will be sure to stay safe no matter what situation comes up!

Your glovebox can be a great place to store small items that can be handy on the road or in an emergency. The glovebox offers some space for you to store your most important information and convenient belongings. Here are the top five items that every person should keep in his or her glovebox.


1. Proof of Insurance and Registration

Having proof of insurance and registration is vital. When you keep this information on hand, you will be prepared if an officer stops your car on the highway. The officer will ask you for this information, and you could be penalized if you do not have it on hand. Make sure that you always have this information on hand so that you can stay cool, calm and collected if you are ever pulled over.


2. Flashlight

Having a flashlight can also be important as you don't want to be stranded out at night in your car. If you are ever stranded on the side of the road, having a flashlight can help you to see what the issue is with your car and help you feel safe. You will be able to find your way to the nearest gas station if need be or a flashlight can be used to help flag down another car for help.


3. Protein Bars

If you are ever stranded, it will also be important for you to have some sustenance until help arrives. Keeping a few protein bars on hand can be convenient. You can stay nourished until a repair person or tow truck shows up. Having some high-energy snacks can also be helpful if you are stuck on traffic and find yourself late to work.


4. Emergency Contact Information and Pre-Paid Phone

Having a pre-paid phone on hand can be important if your phone dies. A pre-paid phone can enable you to call a tow truck or other help. You should also keep your emergency contact information on hand. Having emergency contact information on hand can also help any volunteers who arrive at an accident scene and need to call your family members.


5. Medical Information

In the event that you are involved in an accident, having medical information on hand will help those who arrive to help you. Your medical information may provide specific information on how to assist with seizures or other conditions that you may have.


These are the top items that every person should have in his or her glovebox. Some people also like to keep additional legal documents in the glovebox, such as a copy of a will. Just remember to keep these items in your glovebox, and you will be prepared to handle an emergency. Another method you could use to make sure you stay out of most emergency situations have your car is serviced with inexpensive parts from an auto salvage in San Diego. With this preparation you can be sure to stay on the road and feel safer as well.

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