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Tuning & styling | 12.04.2014 - 16:14

The Vibrant Orange MINI Cooper S with Forged Wheels, More Power, and Style

A MINI Cooper S has been made over with all sorts of goodies from the ground up. Everything from the new forged wheels to the engine tune and vehicle wrap help make it a new hot hatch.

The MINI Cooper S is the perfect hot hatch for those looking for something that’s different, quick, nimble, and one hell of a driver’s car. Its wheelbase and peppy engine make it the perfect car to buzz around town or zip through the track. Plus, the aftermarket is pretty large for the hot hatch as shown here with the new upgrade program developed by a German tuning company specifically for the MINI Cooper S. The new package features everything from new forged wheels and a modified chassis to a tuned engine. Plus, it has an all-new orange and black wrap covering the entire exterior to give it the fast and aggressive look it needs with the new upgrades. With the program, the MINI Cooper S isn’t just a fun and fast hatchback, it’s a head-turning sports car that loves to speed through corners with ease.


The first area that was addressed by the German aftermarket car tuning company was the small 1.6-liter turbocharged inline-four cylinder engine hiding beneath its hood. The moderate potential that the engine had was tapped into with a few relatively basic modifications. The air intake system was modified with a new sport air filter and larger intake to suck in more air. The entire exhaust system was replaced with a new stainless steel unit from the downpipe to the tailpipes and features a new catalytic converter and sport muffler to reduce backpressure and create a more impressive note. The engine was then given a full software tune so that it sends a total of 240 horses to each of the front forged wheels.


With the engine throwing down more power, the engineers began work on the chassis. Here, they installed a new KW Variant 2 coilover suspension system that allows for adjustable height and compression to custom-tailor the ride for a specific track or road for maximum handling performance. The team also installed a new set of lightweight monoblock forged wheels. The gloss black forged wheels were installed in a 17 x 8.0 setup at the front and rear and equipped with high performance Continental tires.


The most noticeable aspect of the entire conversion is the new exterior styling. The German company installed a new orange wrap on the body while gloss black wrap was added to the mirrors, grilles, and roof. The newly extended fenders that cover the forged wheels were painted matte black along with the side skirts and lower bumper apertures. 

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