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Car tips & advice | 11.04.2014 - 19:14

Tactics for Saving Money on Auto Repairs at Home

Here are a few ways to save money on home auto repairs.

Car repairs can prove to be a real headache. They also can leave a pretty big dent in a personal budget. Automotive repairs are usually costly and force some automobile owners to consider replacing their current car with something more economical and not in need of repairs every other month. However, there are some wise tactics that can be incorporated to save money on auto repairs, especially at home.


Purchase a Low Maintenance Vehicle


According to the two talk show hosts of nationally syndicated show Car Talk, "It costs far, far more than you think to own a car." If you are in the market for a car, one sure way to limit car problems is to buy a low maintenance car. These cars typically have great fuel efficiency, lower emissions and require less maintenance than other cars, especially so-called "fuel guzzlers."


Perform Routine and Maintenance


Yes, the average driver can check the fluid levels of the basic engine such as oil, brake fluid and coolant or antifreeze, but there are some aspects of maintenance that need to be done a regular basis. The routine repairs and maintenance tasks include: oil changes, tire rotations, seasonal radiator flushes, and a regularly scheduled tune up. When these repairs go neglected, much of the money that could have been saved on repairs is multiplied due to the failure of the owner to perform preventive maintenance. Consumer Reports offers a three step tool for identifying costs for specific repair jobs on its website, a tool that could prove handy for consumers interested in saving money on auto repairs.


Purchase Aftermarket Replacement Parts


Despite the lure of name brand auto parts offered by auto makers and big named brands, there are aftermarket replacement parts makers that offer cheaper replacement parts. These parts are fully functional and oftentimes come with warranties upon purchase. Consumers can compare parts at their local auto parts distributor or online. In many cases, by simply entering the year, make, and model of a car, a consumer can find replacement parts online.


Buy Used Auto Parts and Save Money


A lot of money can be saved on repairs by purchasing used auto parts in St. Louis or your particular area instead of new replacement parts. Auto repair shops use them, they are cheaper than new parts and most probably will work just fine in another vehicle. His also keeps the parts out of the local landfill.


Save money beforehand. Otherwise, it can cost dearly later on down the road.

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