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Car tips & advice | 11.04.2014 - 18:32

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Riding a Motorcycle

Whether you have ridden a motorcycle many times in your life or your about to go for your first spin, safety tips must be kept at the forefront to protect you against serious accidents.
Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Wear a Helmet

Depending upon the state you are riding in, going on an operating motorcycle without a helmet may be illegal. However, this is not a law in every location. No matter where you are, consider the benefits of a motorcycle helmet. You will likely be riding at a high speed alongside cars moving just as quickly. If an accident was to occur, the helmet could save your life.

Maintain Visibility

In a sea of cars, you could become lost on your motorcycle. Wearing reflective gear, just as someone would do on a bicycle, is absolutely necessary. This is especially important when you are driving at night; you want to ensure that other motorists are able to see you. Taking steps to maintain your own visibility of the road is important too, and you should have on the appropriate eye-gear. Failure to do so could mean debris from the road flies up and strikes you in your eyes.

Obey Weight Limits

Just as with other modes of transportation, weight limits must be followed on motorcycles. Having a motorcycle that is loaded with too much weight could mean that it fails to function, breaks or stops in the middle of a major highway. This could mean that you need to unload some of the luggage on the pack of the vehicle, or it could mean that you have to reduce the number of passengers who are planning to ride on it.

Follow The Road Rules

Some motorcyclists are tempted to go well over the speed limit or weave in and out of traffic just because they are operating a smaller vehicle. Consider just how dangerous these actions are, and you will likely see why you need to avoid them. Showing off your motorcycle skills is not worth risking your life and the lives of everyone else around you on the road.

Know Who to Contact

No matter how many safety tips you follow before riding the motorcycle, accidents can still happen. Carry important numbers with you. These digits could include the numbers for your insurance company and the local police department. Keep these stored in a safe spot on your bike. Also, be sure to contact the police and your insurance company as soon as possible. According to Geoff McDonald P.C., a motorcycle accident attorney in Richmond, having as many details recorded as soon as possible is crucial.


Riding a motorcycle offers a sense of freedom, but you don't want to risk your safety for that thrill.

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