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Car parts & accessories | 10.04.2014 - 18:13

What’s new in the world of heavy truck engines?

Discover what's new in the worl of heavy truck engines (brands, manufacturers, technology, strategic moves...)
Heavy Truck engine

Year after year the field of heavy trucks keeps fascinating more and more people around the world. And the more it becomes famous the more this passion turns into a very lucrative industry. Heavy trucks deal with technology, power and glory. They fascinate thousands of people with their stunning engines. As a matter of fact you cannot be indifferent when you hear a 2000horsepower truck roar on a dusty road! It is impressing as it needs technological feats to work. Tuning of heavy truck engines gathers a huge community of amateurs and professionals who are deeply concerned by the economy of fuel and the improvement of performance. So what’s new in the world of heavy truck engines?




Rivalries between engine manufacturers are restless as the consumers always expect improvements and new gadgets for their trucks. This field has changed very much for the last years and we observed many strategic decisions. Let’s do a quick summary of the situation. For instance, one of the leaders, Caterpillar, decided to stop their production of engines. It was surprising news for the community because Caterpillar engines were considered as stellar products. Caterpillar now focuses on the production of spare parts and even if they keep selling trucks, you won’t find Caterpillar engines in them anymore. One of the main changes in this field is that we can observe that truck manufacturers also want to use their own engines. It means independent truck engine manufacturers are disappearing in the market.

For example, Cummins is now the last big independent engine manufacturer. Detroit Engines is now associated with Western Star for the designing of their engines. Volvo, Paccar Engines and International Diesel also directly manage the production of their own engines. In the market you can still find usual brands like Mercedes, Mack and Hino. Yet the consumers were very disappointed by those changes: they really miss Caterpillar and are frustrated by the shrinking of the choices. As a matter of fact the choices are much more limited than before because manufacturers tend to spend their financial resources on fewer engines. If you want to take a look to actual market, you recommend visiting Diesel Spec online store, one of the leaders of heavy truck tuning in Canada: http://www.dieselspec.ca/home.html


Strategic moves


Like we said, twenty years ago, truck manufacturers used not to take in charge the design of their own engines. They used to work with other brands which designed engines for them. Nowadays it is not the case anymore. In order to save money and gain more independence those big truck manufacturers like Volvo or International Diesel acquired those engine brands and chose to associate with them. Thank to this concentration, consumers can benefit from shorter delays when they order a new truck because it is almost completely constructed in the same place. Moreover we can also observe that more and more manufacturers try to environmental characteristics in their engines. For instance you can now buy engines that work with biodiesel fuel. Those kinds of engines mean more fuel economy and better longevity for consumers. It is also good news for our environment. In fact those environmental characteristics are often urged by public authorities. Truck engines are responsible for a huge amount of greenhouse gas and fine particles.

As a matter of fact this very difficult for the manufacturers to conciliate those environmental improvements and the goal of increasing power. It costs a lot of money to design such engines. On the other hand manufacturers must ensure consumers a very good longevity because when you own a fleet of commercial trucks dedicated to transport, a mechanical breakdown can cost a lot of money. So we can easily see why manufacturers had to achieve strategic moves but also why this world really deals with technical feats. It is certainly one of the reasons of its success. 


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