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Car tips & advice | 07.04.2014 - 17:56

The Benefits of Storing your Car in the Garage

Your car will last longer and stay looking new when you park it in the garage.

There's no arguing that it's easy to leave your car in the driveway; it's more accessible, and you don't have the hassle of carefully backing in and out of your driveway every time you leave. However, storing you car in the garage while you're at home can save you wear and tear over time, and even hefty repair bills. These are five benefits of storing your car in the garage.


Your Car Stays Safe from the Elements


One of the most significant benefits to storing your car in the garage is that it will be safe from harsh weather conditions, should they arise. Certain weather events such as ice, hail, or harsh wind conditions can leave your vehicle vulnerable to damage if it's exposed in the driveway. You can avoid major damage to your car by keeping it in the garage. You can also avoid having to wake up early to warm your car up or scrape ice off the windows.


Seat Fading is Not a Problem


Long term exposure to sunlight can also be bad news for the seats in your car. Once your seats are subjected to discoloration, your car's value could reduce significantly. Because of this, it's important to keep your car out of the sun. If your garage is currently being used as a storage shed, you can find a modular shed for sale and make space in your garage to protect your seats!


Fewer Washes


By storing your car in the garage, you might even find that you don't need to wash your car as often. Wind and pollen can produce lots of unwanted grime on your vehicle if it is left out in the open and exposed. Besides, the last thing you want on your vehicle is an unpleasant green film.


Vehicle Isn't Uncomfortably Hot or Cold During the Seasons


Think about how many times you've approached your car during the summer time when it was nearly 100 degrees outside. It's likely that every hard surface in your car was extremely hot to the touch. This is not only bad for certain materials in your car, but it's highly uncomfortable to withstand for the first several minutes before your air conditioner kicks in. The sun and type of pavement your car is sitting on under it can drastically alter how hot it is in your car during the summer. Keep your car in the garage for a more neutral temperature throughout the day.


Keeps Animals Away


Lastly, keeping your car in the garage keeps animals away. Animals love to sit and sleep atop cars, which might seem harmless until you notice the paw prints and scratches from them trying to scale the vehicle. Leaving the car in the garage during downtime eliminates this problem completely.


Keeping your car in your garage can be a great way to keep it in good condition. If you don't currently have a garage, you can buy a double wide garage to add to your home. Cars are an expensive investment and it's important to keep then running smooth as long as possible.

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