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Buying a car | 06.04.2014 - 12:58

Leasing a Convertible/Soft Top Car.

If you are interested in corvertible roofs at the market we an find 2 different types, the soft top and the hard top.

Soft top roofs we can find on an older car models and it takes some time to disassemble. But many of these models come with an easy release button that automatically can change your sporty rental car to convertible. 

Cabriolet Car Leasing is very popular in the UK and whatever you choose hard or car with soft top you will not regret.  All cars are sleek and stylish that is giving an extra bit of fun to a vacation. Nottinghamshire is the perfect place if you decide for convertible car leasing, because there are the best car choice and offers.

Our recommendations are cars like Peugeot 207cc and Fiat 500c.  From other cabriolets manufacturers that are most wanted are Volvo and Volkswagen. For example Volvo's model C70, WW model EOS and even Golf Cabriolets are the best choice for leasing today.
All these vehicles have a metal folding roof that can easily transform the cars from convertibles to coupes in second.  

No matter if you are a millionaire or not, when you press that button to make the roof fold down, you will feel like the richest man in the world.

That feeling we can't describe so pick some car from rich offer and start your adventure. In the UK you can get very competitive rate of just £200 + VAT per month.  Even high range models like Audi, BMW or Mercedes you can get on leasing £299 + VAT per month.

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