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Car tips & advice | 04.04.2014 - 18:01

Big Rig, Big Problems: 6 Helpful Services For Semitruck Drivers

These valuable services will be helpful for any semitruck driver.

A big semi truck comes with big problems. Drivers and operators of such large commercial vehicles can benefit from the following essential services. Here are a few that could help you and your rig stay on the road, and stay profitable:


Regular Inspections

All commercial vehicles must pass annual state safety and emissions inspections. Additionally, trucks can benefit from regular inspections that are done before major long distance trips. Freight companies can hire inspection services to ensure that all of the brakes, tires, wheels and other mechanical components work properly. North American Standard inspections are typically done to semi trucks.


Roadside Assistance

Sometimes, towing service is not needed for a stalled semi truck. Roadside assistance can provide the right help to get a truck back on the road. A tire change is a very common service provided by roadside assistance companies specializing in commercial vehicles. Additionally, semi trucks may need a simple boost to recharge a depleted battery. Many semi trucks also need to have their trailers and hitches adjusted in order to get back on the road safely.


GPS Navigation

There are specific GPS navigation services that are designed for trucks. Any standard GPS device can be programmed with a map featuring routes that are suitable for truck use. Such software prevents trucks from entering limited access parkways and other residential roads that can't accommodate commercial vehicles.


Commercial Window Wash

Large trucks can become more safe if they are kept clean regularly. The windshield of trucks often gets clogged with mud, grime and debris. It's dangerous to drive with dirty windows that may obstruct a driver's view, especially at night. Additionally, dirty truck windows can create blind drivers on sunny days.


Towing Companies

Any old semi truck is at high risk of mechanical breakdown. The only way to remove a stalled truck from the road is to use a towing service. If your truck breaks down in South Texas, you'd better have the number for a company that does heavy duty towing in Houston. Truck operators should have direct partnerships with towing companies that specialize in commercial vehicles. Such towing vehicles have heavy duty cranes that can lift up and connect any semi truck to a hitch.


Diesel Engine Services

Semi trucks need to have their diesel engines upgraded or repaired at specific mileage intervals. Experienced mechanics can completely rebuild old diesel engines and provide essential upgrades into the power train of a semi truck. Major powertrain components such as alternators and belts also need regular maintenance.

Truck operators are responsible for maintaining their vehicles on a regular basis. During breakdowns, truck drivers should know exactly what to do. Calling roadside assistance is the right response for stalled semi trucks.

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