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Car tips & advice | 04.04.2014 - 00:02

16 and Ready to Drive: Seven Tips Before Hitting the Open Road

This article talks about being a new driver and gives some great tips to know beforehand.

Getting your first driver’s license is exciting. When you have a valid driver’s license, you can go where you want without having to rely on others to help you get there. Before you get too excited, remember that driving is a serious responsibility. Read these tips to help you become a better, safer driver.

1.Turn Your Cell Phone Off

Distracted driving kills thousands of people each year. Cell phone usage accounts for many accidents. Turn your cell phone off to help you avoid the temptation of talking or texting while driving. If you need to make a call, pull over in a safe location in order to make it.

2. Turn Down the Radio

Loud music can distract drivers, and noise inside your vehicle can keep you from hearing important things like emergency sirens and honking horns. If you choose to play some tunes while you drive, select them before you pull onto the road and keep the volume at low levels.

3. Avoid Friendly Distractions

Let any friends that ride in your vehicle know that your first responsibility is driving. Before pulling out, make sure they know not to make loud noises or otherwise distract you while you are driving.

4. Use Your Headlights

Many newer automobiles offer daytime running lamps. Whether or not your car has these, it’s a good idea to drive with your lights on. Never drive on a foggy, snowy or rainy day without your headlights. Just remember to turn them off when you arrive at your destination.

5. Know Your Driver’s Handbook

The information in your state’s driver’s handbook isn’t just available to help you pass your driver’s test. It provides valuable tips to help you become a good, safe and defensive driver. The experts from Highway Auto Parts say to make sure you are truly familiar with it.

6. Buckle Up

This should be a given, but don’t forget to wear your seat belt. Never begin driving until every person in your vehicle has fasten their seat belt.

7. Never Drive When Sleepy

Driving when drowsy is something no driver should ever do. If you begin to feel tired while on a road trip, ask someone else in the car to take the wheel or pull over to rest at a safe, well-lit spot.

Gaining more independence is exciting, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Take the time to make smart, safe decisions, and you’ll have a great time on the road of life.

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