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Car tips & advice | 02.04.2014 - 21:37

The Uninvited Passengers: How to Get Rid of Pests in your Car

Although it's common pests to invade your home, did you know they could also infest your car?

The same pests that invade houses and apartments can also infest your vehicle. Mice, fleas, ants or bedbugs might make the upholstery their new home. A rodent could even crawl inside the engine compartment and chew on wires. These tips will help you eradicate most common car pests:


Thorough Cleaning


1. Clean all of the interior surfaces. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove insects, eggs and rodent feces. A crevice attachment is particularly helpful for cleaning up debris around the seats. Some bugs may survive this process; seal the vacuum bag in plastic, and throw it out as soon as possible.


2. Eliminate any sources of food in the car. Be sure to remove trash, fast food wrappers and coffee cups when you leave the vehicle. Clean up any crumbs that ants or cockroaches might consume. Check the glove compartment for snacks and condiments that you may have forgotten.


Parking Issues


3. Inspect your garage or driveway for pests. Consider parking the car elsewhere if it's near a bush, tree or other wildlife habitat. You may benefit from taking steps to seal out and eradicate pests in your garage. Such buildings often have large gaps around their roofs or doors.




4. People can use heat to kill most insects, including bedbugs and fleas. Close the windows and park your car in direct sunlight for several hours. This will work best on a hot day. If there are fleas in the car, spread salt on the upholstery to help dehydrate them. You can vacuum it up later.


5. Many household pest control techniques will work in cars, but you should use extra caution. Be careful not to inhale insecticides; always read the warnings on the spray bottle. For maximum safety, only place rodent traps in the vehicle when it's stationary. Ant baits are also useful.


6. If all else fails, contact Pest Control Modesto or another local pest control service. A professional exterminator can identify the best ways to eliminate specific pests and keep them out of your vehicle. To minimize long-term pest control costs, consider asking the service provider to address vermin problems in the house or garage at the same time.


Be sure to apply these tips and take action as quickly as possible. If you wait, a small infestation could grow and become more than a nuisance. This can have dangerous consequences; pests may bite or crawl on you and distract you from driving. They could also spread to other buildings when you travel.

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