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Insurance | 02.04.2014 - 12:19

5 Reasons why you NEED breakdown insurance

5 Top reasons why you do not want to be left with your pants down when it comes to breakdown and vehicle insurance.

Breakdown insurance is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of owning a vehicle. As soon as we own our first motor, we automatically become mechanical ‘experts’ as soon as the first full moon appears and think we don’t need to invest into breakdown insurance, but whether you think it’s a bad idea or not to invest into breakdown insurance, here are five reasons why  you really cannot afford to be so dismissive about breakdown insurance.

1.   Piece of mind – When you buy breakdown insurance, you’re not buying a tangible object but a promise to protect you against any breakdown problems you have anywhere you are. Really you are buying some peaceful nights instead of tossing and turning with sleepless nights.

2.  24/7 Cover – One of the great things about breakdown insurance is the 24/7 cover. This means you are covered for any breakdowns or accidents you have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are in the country, your breakdown recovery team will come find you.

3.  Roadside repairs- Most roadside recovery teams are able to fix your motor on the side of the road. This means you get to your destination far quicker than just towing the vehicle to the nearest garage. A lot of the vehicles actually carry spare parts for most motors inside so they can address the problem quicker and get you on the road faster.

4. At home rescue - If your motor won’t even roll out the driveway, then breakdown insurance can even come and collect it on the spot. No hassle no fuss, just call someone like the RAC breakdown number or the AA and they will come and collect your car.

5. Rewards - The longer you stay with your roadside recovery team, the more rewards you get for being loyal. That can include cheaper prices, discounts on multiple car cover, insurance when traveling abroad. It really does pay to be loyal.


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