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Car parts & accessories | 24.12.2012 - 21:42

I30 Connectivity Concept

In the Germany Hyundai, represented its i30 Connectivity concept. The innovative system is designed to demonstrate the technological power of Korean manufacturers, and it is about the navigation system connected with a smartphone.
I30 Connectivity Concept AIO Car Controll

Thanks to NFC system (Near Field Communication), drivers can lock or unlock the car by open cell phone sticker on the window.

Internally, your cell phone can be put into the base of the center console, which then takes the current mobile content - music, navigation maps, contacts, etc. - and shows it on a 7-inch display. Also, the system is configured so that it can wirelessly charge mobile phones, which can be customized for multiple users.

 Hyundai expert Allan Rushforth say that, 'Connectivity Hyundai Concept is the philosophy of the brand that wants to make it available to future-proof the masses today. Its technology, Hyundai can use all-in-one functionality of today's smartphones and connect it with everyday driving in a very practical way. "

I30 Connectivity concept has not yet been scheduled for production, but Hyundai expects the market with some parts of this technology for the 2015th year.

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