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Car design | 28.03.2014 - 18:43

New Car? 4 Ways To Make It Look Great On A Budget

Some quick ways for getting your car to look great on a budget!

If you have recently purchased a new car on a budget, there are ways to make the car look like you bought it from a sports car dealer. Just because you have purchased an economical vehicle does not mean that you can't make the vehicle look like a luxury car. With just a few easy tips, you can make your car look amazing and at a low cost. Here are some fast and cost-effective ways to drastically improve the look of a new car.

1. Add a chrome finish to the handles
Most dealerships offer the option of adding chrome finish to a new car. A chrome finish only costs an extra couple hundred dollars at most, and it can make a car look very expensive. You can also take your car to a paint shop and also have this finish added to your car.  You can also look at getting the rims on your tires painted as well, to match the chrome finish on the handles. Shops like Hercules tire sales can do this very easily for you.

2. Purchase a car in black or white
Cars in neutral colors also tend to look more expensive. If you want to appear like you have a luxury car, then choose a car in a neutral color like white or black. White is a great color to choose if you live in a state with hot weather, such as California or Florida. Your car will also stay cooler if you purchase it in white.

3. Add tinted windows
You can also add a touch of privacy to a new car by installing tinted windows. Before you add tinted windows, you should do research to understand your state's regulations. Your state may only allow tinted windows of a certain tint level. Tinted windows signify affluence, and you can feel like a high roller if you have a car with tinted windows.

4. Install a leather interior
Adding a leather interior is also a great way to make your car look more expensive. You may also find leather substitutes that you can use for the interior of your car. If you want to make your car look expensive, then choose a light-colored leather to install in your car. Beige leather will make your ride look like a sports car and blends well with white or black exteriors.

With these easy tips, you can transform an economical car into a luxury ride. You can make your car look like it was very expensive with these touches. You can totally change the way you feel driving in your new car. These added touches can make you feel awesome and like an affluent individual in your new car.

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