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Car tips & advice | 28.03.2014 - 16:37

Avoid Potentially Expensive Auto Repairs by Following These Guidelines

Are you driving a bucket of bolts around? Making sure your car stay mobile is the name of the game and following these simple tips will be sure to keep you rolling for longer than you ever thought possible!

Unexpected auto repairs can put a heavy dent in your wallet. However, a savvy car owner can minimize the number of expensive, unexpected repairs by completing routine maintenance in a timely manner. Here are a few tips to help keep you on the road and the money in your pocket:


Keep Your Fluids Topped Off

Regularly check fluid levels in your vehicle between oil changes. Brake fluid, oil and transmission fluid are all essential for keeping your car running smoothly. Many oil-and-lube shops will check your fluids for free between oil changes, or you can learn how to check fluid levels yourself. Checking fluids regularly will help your car run better, and this practice will also help you notice if your vehicle has a leak or is burning oil. The sooner you recognize an issue like this, the less expensive it will be to repair it.


Fix Chips Before They Grow

Auto glass repairs are difficult to predict, but you can minimize costs by repairing chips in the glass before they become deep or widening cracks. Many auto glass companies can easily repair chips in your windshield without replacing it. If you have comprehensive car insurance, your insurance company may even waive the deductible when you repair a chip in the windshield rather than waiting until the glass must be replaced.


Rotate Your Tires

Certain parts of your car require regular replacement. Tires land in this category, but you can minimize the amount you spend by having your tires rotated regularly. Rotating your tires helps them to wear more evenly, allowing you to get more mileage out of a single set of tires. When you have your tires rotated, take the time to get them balanced as well for even better results.


Protect Your Weatherstripping

A car’s resale value and overall condition is affected by more than just the things under the hood. Use a rubber protectant or silicone to protect door and window weatherstripping. This will keep rubber seals in good condition. Don’t use any oil-based products on your weatherstripping as these will damage the rubber. In the event that your weatherstripping becomes damaged, fix it immediately to avoid damage to your car’s interior.


Although there are many expenses associated with car ownership, good common sense and these tips can help you minimize those expenses. Your car is an investment and sometimes you may need to hire a professional to install some Subaru Tribeca parts that you purchased online. By performing routine maintenance, you can avoid many expensive, unexpected repairs. You can also help your car retain its resale and safety value.

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