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Car news | 27.03.2014 - 11:22

The best attributes to look for in a small van

Running your own business is a great way to bring you and your family out of a recession.

Many small businesses are shooting up in cities as people looking for employment turn to new entrepreneurial ways of making money. This kind of business has seen a transformation of the kind of vans required and seen a shift away from larger models to much smaller and agile vans. If you are a small to medium-sized business looking for small vans in Kent to make transporting your goods easier through congested cities, then here are the attributes you should be looking for in your new van:

Clever practicality

Despite you being a small business you may need plenty of space for your cargo. That’s why it is vital to have a small van with practicality at its’ heart. This could be the ability to trade space for passengers when necessary as often you need one van to fulfil a variety of roles in your life. You must also look for a van that makes whatever practicality it offers accessible through innovative loading bays. A large wheel-base and smart lay-out are just two attributes to look out for when practicality is top of your priorities when shopping for a small van for your business.

Decent economy

With the internet making a business global with the click of a button, it makes it imperative to have a van that can cover vast distances without breaking the bank in fuel consumption. Economical returns are something that many van makers are now pushing into their models and with many also being car manufacturers too they are utilising their knowledge to vastly improve this area. Whether travelling through congested towns or the length and the breath of the country it is vital that your miles per gallon are as high as possible.

Car-like drive

When running a small business your van may also have to double up as a car for the weekends as finances can tighten. Many vans now are built with car-like responses, which is particularly important if you are constantly driving around densely populated cities. Delivering your goods calls for a car that can easily negotiate busy streets filled with traffic and fit into tight spaces when you need to stop outside business and homes to offload cargo. Agility in your small van is achievable if you do your research and undergo through test drives.

Small vans are a great way to keep your small to medium-sized business model affordably, if you find one that fits the bill perfectly.

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