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Car design | 27.03.2014 - 11:15

Why hot hatchbacks remain popular

Some cars are built for practicality, others to be tireless workhorses and a few for sheer driving pleasure.

Hot hatchbacks are certainly built for the latter being immensely powerful things squeezed into the smallest possible shell. Every good mainstream car maker has a hot hatchback where it lets it hair down and decides to manufacture a car that is just as much fun to look at as it is to drive. There shouldn’t need to be a reason to buy a hot hatchback as they are great cars, but if you are looking for the extra push to buy a second hand one at Carbase, then here are a handful of things to convince you that you are not making the wrong decision:

Effortless cool

As every decade passes it is assumed that our tastes will change and that the sheer lunacy of overly powerful, outlandish and shouting cars will not get us going in the same way. However, the coolness of a hot hatchback never quite dies from our minds; take Top Gear for example that enjoys nothing more than extolling the virtues of the latest examples as they blast them round their track. The fact remains though that only very few of us are truly in the market for one as they are not overly practical, drink lots of fuel and suit a certain lifestyle. We all want one, but only a few of us can and should have one; and that makes them cool.

Breathtaking ability

As we get older we are supposed to mature and see the same things in practicality and all round capability as we used to in mind-blowing ability when we were younger. But, ability to chuck cars into corners knowing that you have endless grip and poise when you need it to keep pushing to the ragged edge never gets old. Hot hatchbacks focus solely on offering a sumptuous drive; there is not even one piece of their psyche that considers that it should offer more space and lose aero dynamism. They are sculpted and tweaked to guarantee an exhilarating drive from start to finish with no flannel getting in the way.

Competitively-priced performance

There are very few cars that can excite in the same way as a hot hatchback can when you push down the accelerator pedal. With the brake horsepower of cars twice their size, they are rocket ships that has more torque than some of the most powerful cars that money can buy. Being lightweight and small means that all this power can be quite scary, but as a petrol head you are not truly enjoying your drive until you are at the ragged edge and a hatchback will take you there time and time again.

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