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Car design | 25.03.2014 - 10:16

How to Find Out Who Towed Your Vehicle

The panic kicks in first. You walk outside and reach for your keys to open your car, but it’s not where you thought you parked it. So you look around and make sure you didn’t park it somewhere else before you realize your car has been towed
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Auto services

It can be annoying, and the last thing you want to do is spend forever trying to figure out who towed your car and where you can find your car. So here are some helpful tips about how to find out who towed your vehicle, if it ever happens to you.

When to Call the City

The first thing you should do is check to see if there’s a no parking sign near where you parked. The sign should offer a number of where to contact to get your car back. If it is not a private parking lot, and you are parked on a city street, you should call the city, so if you’re in Columbia Mo., you would call the city of Columbia parking enforcement, who will assist you with finding your car in that area.

When to Call the Police

If you can’t find it out that way, calling the police department will help you figure out if your car was towed due to it being illegally parked. Towing companies are required to fax a form to the local police department informing them of the time, location, towing company, driver, location of the where the car is being stored as well as the private property manager of who had the vehicle towed. That way you will have all the information about your car when you call the police department looking for it.

The cost to retrieve your car varies between the towing company and city where your car got towed, the type of equipment used to tow your car and if there is any storage costs incurred.

Possible Reasons for the Towing

There are several reasons why your car could have been towed. You could have gotten parking tickets. Your car could have been illegally parked in a private lot. If you have abandoned your car on private property, it can also be towed. Sometimes if you have been arrested your car can be towed. If you are blocking a roadway, driveway, handicap spot, dumpster, or fire lane you are likely to be towed fairly quickly. Also if you are parked in incorrect assigned spot or in a business owner spot, you can be towed.

No Matter What, Stay Calm

The best thing for you to do if your car has been towed is to stay calm. If you feel your car has been unfairly towed, you can usually pay the fee to get your car back and then protest it after the fact. The best thing you can do to prevent your car from being towed is to make sure you aren’t illegally parking, even if you think it’s only going to be for a little bit, or you think you can get away with it. A lot of times, people have the mentality that ‘it won’t happen to them and their car won’t get towed’ so then they get very upset when their car does get towed. If you always double-check your surroundings to make sure your car is parked legally you can prevent getting your car towed.

Written by the staff at Tiger Towing in Columbia, Mo. For reliable towing services in Mid-Missouri, contact Tiger Towing.

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