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Car tips & advice | 24.03.2014 - 23:36

Motorcycle Safety 101: Seven Points to Discuss with Your Teen Before Buying

Safety on the road is one of the most important discussions to have with your teens, no matter what they drive.

Very few parents allow their teens to ride motorcycles for one good reasons. Teens often don't fully understand the seriousness of driving, and putting them on a motorcycle makes it even more dangerous. While having your teens drive a motorcycle might not be your first choice, there are are discussions you can have with them to keep them aware on the road and safe.


Safety Gear
Young riders need to understand the importance of wearing the right gear to protect themselves. A helmet is a great start, but not enough. Jackets, gloves, pants and other gear make riding safer. Getting in an accident becomes much more serious when riding motorcycles, so the right protective gear is essential.


Booze and Bikes
Alcohol is the number one cause of single-vehicle accidents involving motorcycles. When riding a bike, alcohol can have a very definite and immediate impact on judgment and riding style. No matter what your teens are driving, teach them the consequences of driving while under the influence. While they may know the seriousness of it and not drink alcohol, there are others on the road who will. It's important they know not to ride with others who have had a drink, even if they haven't.


Riding Experience
Most riders at some time might be involved in some sort of accident. Experienced riders tend to be the ones who can walk away and ride another day. Riding experience can mean the difference between a minor traffic incident and a deadly situation. Make sure they know how to handle the motorcycle in all driving conditions including traffic, bad weather and construction zones.


Buying the Right Bike
Many teens think a 600cc sportbike is a “starter bike” instead of a high-speed vehicle that can kill novice riders in no time. Riders must buy motorcycles that are suited to their experience and riding skills and work up to other bikes as their riding improves with experience. Buying the right first bike is critical.


When to Move Up
Almost any type of motorcycle, whether it is a road bike, sportbike or dirt bike, has an entry-level 250cc model available that is very capable of getting people around town while also being weekend getaway vehicles for short trips out of the city. The motorcycles are light, affordable, great on gas and cheap for insurance. Starting on one gives the rider time to buy the gear while learning to enjoy motorcycling.

Parents should teach their teens the seriousness of accidents involving motorcyclists. While wearing the right protective gear is important, it is not enough to keep them safe on the road. They should know how to be extra cautious while driving. Even if they are driving safe, predicting the actions of other drivers can be impossible and still result in injury. If your teen happens to get injured due to the actions of another party, The Law Office of Lawrence A. Puritz can represent your interests and will fight for the favorable payout that you deserve.


Making a Bike Your Own
Once a rider has settled on the right motorcycle at the right price, he or she can begin making it a truly personal ride. Aftermarket parts and subtle changes to a motorcycle can boost performance, comfort and enjoyment while turning a motorcycle into a truly personal vehicle.


Teaching a teen to drive, whether it be a car, truck or motorcycle, can be stressful to both parents and teens. Make sure they know all of your rules and safety guidelines before letting them out on the road. Following these tips will give you peace of mind as your teen prepares to ride motorcycles.

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