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Sell a car | 21.03.2014 - 15:24

Be Smart With Your Car - 5 Ways to Get The Most Out Of Your Old Vehicle

Having an old car last just a little bit longer can be a blessing for your pocketbook. Try following some of these practices to get the most out of your old clunker!

Failing to take care of your high-mileage vehicle will ultimately send it to an earlier grave than what you had planned for. If treated correctly an old vehicle can last even longer than you would imagine without expensive repairs. The only problem is that it does require some TLC to get that far. Listed below are just a few ways to get the best performance out of your old vehicle and the best price if you are looking to sell.


Use High-Mileage Oil
As your engine begins to rack up the miles, it may begin to consume motor oil at a faster rate. The engine may also become much more susceptible to experiencing oil leaks. To prolong the life of your engine, consider switching to high-mileage motor oil. This type of oil contains special additives that help to cushion the engine seals.


Consider Mid-Grade Fuel
Even if your owner’s manual recommends regular octane, the octane require for an engine can increase over time. If you notice that your engine valves are starting to rattle during acceleration, this is a tell-tale sign that you need to increase the octane level of the fuel.


Do Not Allow Your Vehicle to Idle for Long Periods of Time
Idling puts entirely too much wear and tear on an old vehicle. Upon cranking up your vehicle in the mornings, do not allow it to idle for much longer than one minute. When a cold engine idles for long periods of time, carbon deposits tend to build up inside of the combustion chamber and that can lead to a large waste of fuel and money.


Occasionally Drive at Wide Open Throttle
If you only drive your vehicle for short distances, the engine will not be able to go through its entire rev range. To prevent any problems, occasionally take your vehicle for a spirited drive on the highway. When performing this task, be sure that the overdrive feature on the transmission is turned off. This will help to get rid of any carbon buildup.


Sell the Old Clunker
If your old ride is barely even running, you should consider selling it. Instead of just allowing it to go to waste, you can sell the car to a business that specializes in the purchase of junk vehicles. While some of the companies may scrap the metal, there are others that recycle the various car parts. The money can be used to make a down payment on a new ride.


Today’s economy is very unpredictable, so it makes perfect sense to get the most out of your old car. Even if your vehicle is past its prime, the metal can still be reused by a salvage company.

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