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Car parts & accessories | 20.03.2014 - 16:01

What To Do In An Accident? 5 Must Do's Before Driving Away

This article talks about getting into a car accident and what to do in that situation.

A car accident can be a frightening situation. All drivers and passengers should try to keep their composure and remember to take care of some very important things. The following list discusses the five basic steps that should be taken right after a car crash.


Taking Personal Belongings
It's important to take out all valuable personal belongings out of a car that's wrecked in a crash. When a car reaches an auto collision center, no one is responsible for any lost personal items that belong to drivers and passengers involved in an accident. It's a good idea to clear out the trunk, glove box and central storage console before a damaged car is towed away.


Police Report
An official report must be filed at a car accident site. The report is used as official documentation to file a claim with the auto insurance company. Auto accident lawyer Mcdonough says it is important to figure out the driver that was at fault in a car crash. A driver that's not at fault can use a police report to get maximum compensation from auto insurance.


Information of Other Drivers and Passengers
It's important to gather information on everyone involved in a car accident. The driver's license can be used to exchange official information between drivers involved in a car accident. Names and phone numbers of all other passengers involved can also be taken. These people can later be questioned as witnesses during an auto insurance claim or civil lawsuits.


Remove All Flammable Materials
It's important to remove all flammable materials out of a vehicle that's involved in a crash. Cigarettes, lighters, gas tanks, bottles of alcohol, propane tanks and other flammable items could blow up inside a car that's badly damaged. Heat, sparks and electrical current inside a damaged car can start a fire very quickly if flammable things remain inside.


Medical Attention
All victims of a car accident need to get immediate medical treatment or at least a basic evaluation. Paramedics can provide basic on site care to mild injuries involving scratches, burns and cuts. Official reports can also be filed about the visible injuries sustained in a car accident. These reports can be used as proof in auto insurance claims. Additionally, paramedics may provide referrals for accident victims to get more in depth evaluation at emergency rooms.


Car accident victims need to maintain their cool after a crash. Calls for help should be made immediately. Valuable items and flammable materials should be cleared out of damaged cars. This is a stressful situation for anyone involved. But just make sure to call the authorities and get those who are hurt the attention they need. If it is a smaller car accident and no one has been hurt, make sure to exchange the proper information and still call the authorities. They will be able to help determine who is at fault and take down your statements for insurance purposes.

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