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Car parts & accessories | 19.03.2014 - 18:13

Indoors Vs. Outdoors: 7 Facts About Storing Your Car In A Garage

This article talks about storing your car and what is the best option for your car and needs.
Get That Car In A Garage

Just think, you have saved your money and finally saved up for that car you love. It has been an investment, now where do you want to leave that car on a daily basis. A car garage offers excellent protection for any vehicle. Additionally, garages maintain comfortable settings for a car to start up.


Protecting Windows
Violent weather such as gusty winds and hail can break the glass on windows. A car garage protects the front windshield and side windows from cracks that may occur from flying debris or large pieces of hail. Additionally, leaves and small debris don't leave any marks and the glass of vehicles parked inside a garage.


Windshield Wiper Function
Freezing temperatures can damage windshield wipers. The wipers can become icy and break when they begin rotating along the surface of a windshield. The icy films on the wiper's rubber surfaces can scratch the glass windshields. A car garage prevents any ice formation on wipers.


Tire Pressure
Cold temperatures can decrease the tire pressure of a car. The natural laws of physics dictate that volume of a gas drops as the temperature drops. Freezing temperatures can make tires lose several PSI of pressure. An indoor garage prevents tires from becoming under-inflated due to cold temperatures.


Protection From Sun
On a hot day, the interior of a luxurious vehicle can get damaged. Strong UV rays can penetrate through the windows and damage some of the premium leather upholstery and wood grain finishes. A car garage completely blocks out any sun from penetrating into the interior of a vehicle.


Saving the A/C System
The air conditioning system has to work extra hard in hot conditions. A lot of energy is spent on cooling a car that has been heated inside and on the outside surface after standing outside for hours. A car garage helps maintain a normal temperature in a car's interior and leads to more efficient A/C system operation.


Preventing Pests
Some small pests can take shelter inside a car that's parked outside. Rodents, kittens, squirrels, young Raccoon and other small creatures can get stuck under a car's chassis. A garage protects cars from any unwelcome animal invasions. Car garages prevent nasty bird droppings from tainting the body paint and windows of vehicles.


Vandalism Prevention
A car that's parked outside is an easy target for vandalism that may include deliberate tire slashing, window breaking and "egging." Such vehicles are at risk of getting stolen. The experts from Classic Builders garage door repair say that a garage prevents any intruders from laying their hands on a car.

Car garages prevent physical harm and mechanical issues. Drivers can be assured that their vehicles are safe and sound in a closed garage.

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