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Car news | 19.03.2014 - 13:10

How do I pick a good auto mechanic?

Having an automobile is a fun and big responsibility. Making the down payment and monthly payments is not all there is to it.
How do I pick a good auto mechanic

You have to keep the car registered and keep the registration up to date as well as keeping your car insured.  But what happens if a part in your vehicle starts to malfunction?  What if you get a flat tire and don't know how to replace it?  What if you get into an automobile accident and need to have your car repaired.  You are also responsible for taking care of all of these issues should they arise, and you will need a good auto center like Rainbow Auto Center to take care of these types of issues.

What are some signs of a good auto center?
• Honesty
◦ Unfortunately, mechanics have a reputation for being one of the groups of technicians that can easily take advantage of people who don't have as much knowledge about vehicle maintenance.  You want an honest company who will tell you what is actually wrong.
• Fast Service
◦ Because most people have to make other arrangements for transportation while their vehicle is being repaired, you want to find a company that offers a reasonable service time.  While you cannot expect the fastest time for your car, you should ask the company how long they think the car will take and do your best to uphold them to their promises.
• Informative Staff
◦ Having a staff that will patiently take the time to go through each step of exactly what problems are going on with your vehicle and what steps are going to be done to repair it is a great benefit to have when picking an auto center.  This will keep you up to date on what exactly is going on while your vehicle is in the shop.
• Fair, competitive Pricing
◦ Fixing a car can be expensive, but you want to do a check of multiple companies an compare prices to make sure you pick one that offers services that are comparable to other businesses in the area that provide similar services.

Things to avoid in an auto mechanic
• Overly high pricing
◦ Price can be a huge point in picking an auto center because there are some companies that are known for offering overpriced services.  Calling ahead can help you identify those and rule them out.
• Companies that try to up-sell
◦ There is nothing worse than taking your vehicle in to the auto center and having the mechanic tell you that there are numerous other problems that need to be taken care of.  While there may likely be other things that need to be repaired, you want to make sure it isn't a deliberate strategy that the company uses to make more money per customer.
• Unfriendly or unhelpful staff
◦ Having a helpful staff makes the whole experience a more pleasant one.  It can also keep repeat customers.  Just calling a business and asking questions can give you an impression of whether you are going to be working with a company that is friendly and helpful, or one that doesn't have time to answer simple questions.

Picking an auto center can go one of two ways: you can end up having a great experience or you can end up in a nightmare and spending a lot of your hard earned money and being without a car for quite some time.  Search online for hayward ca auto mechanic or other search terms for car mechanics in your area and find one with great reviews that will promise you the best results for your car repair needs!

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