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Car news | 19.03.2014 - 13:07

Bought a new car? Protect it with some essential accessories...

Car care is so important for those of us hoping to ensure our car is kept in great condition and we've got some great tips
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If you’ve just treated yourself to a brand new auto you’ll want to do everything you can to protect it. Sometimes a gold premium wash every month just isn’t enough! Even if the car is second hand, it’s still an essential part of your everyday life and should be kept in as good a condition as possible. Most cars tend to go down in value the moment you buy them, but that’s no excuse to use and abuse! Remember your car is an investment; certain accessories will help the car keep its resale value for longer. Protection accessories are gaining popularity as people tie their purse strings tighter and try to protect the value of their assets. Competition between companies means competitive prices for the consumer. Take advantage of these price wars and treat your auto to some trimmings.
There’s every reason it can stay working well and looking good for as long as you need it to, as long as you protect it.

Wheel covers

Let’s face it, they look good. You can buy them in tons of different designs and colours to suit your personal taste and to match the interior of your car. They also improve the safety aspect of your driving because they give you better grip (make sure they fit well). Your steering wheel can become sticky over time because of prolonged use, dust and constant changes in humidity in the car. This can be uncomfortable and a bit unhygienic to! Protect the wheel with a cover for safety, aesthetics and comfort.

Bumper protectors

These not only protect your bumper but cover up any scratches or aesthetic damage already there. If you’re buying one to protect a new car, you’re stopping any scratches or scuffs in that area. If you’ve bought a second hand car you can cover up any existing aesthetic issues as well as protecting it from any further damage. Yourcarparts.co.uk would say that they’re particularly useful for newly qualified drivers!

Quality rubber mats

Worn foot well carpets look shabby. Mud stains are also pretty unsightly and difficult to get out without paying for someone to work them out professionally. All of this can be avoided by purchasing some good quality rubber mats. They should be excellent quality, durable and most importantly, easy to clean.

Boot Liners

Your boot will take a pounding from all the things you throw in there and you need to protect it. This is the area you will most likely neglect on a day to day basis because you open the boot put something in and then close it without a second thought. We spend less time looking at this area, so it’s the most neglected part of the interior. A good quality boot liner will mean you can throw stuff in without thinking and rest assured your accessory is doing its job to protect the boot itself.
Qualities to look for in a boot liner: durability, easy to fit and take out, easy to clean, secure when fitted.

So remember, with cars, prevention is most definitely cheaper than cure!

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