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Car parts & accessories | 19.03.2014 - 12:58

3 Tips for Newly Qualified Drivers

If you have finished your driving lessons in Widnes or any other part of the UK, here is some tips to help you concentrate on improving your driving skills.

Gaining your driving licence is one of the proudest moments in any new driver's life by a long mile but gaining your driving licence does not necessarily mean the learning process is over; in fact it is far from it! Gaining your driving licence means you is about to enter a new World of driving and for new drivers this can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we have composed a small checklist for new drivers who are just about to hit the open road.


We cannot stress this enough! A driver’s licence does not give you a pass to drive how you please now you are a newly qualified driver. Make sure you are aware of everything happening around you; make sure you pay attention to road signs and your speed! Lack of concentration is one of the biggest excuses for any accident.

Keep Learning!

You may have passed the drivers exam but that is just the bare minimum, you still need to keep on top of your driving if you are not practising every day. Be sure to take a pass plus test to ensure your motorway driving skills are up to scratch. A top up driving class is always encouraged if you still feel uncomfortable behind the wheel! NOTE – If you are in the North West, you can find reasonable driving lessons in Widnes here.

Don’t Show Off

If you are a young male who has just passed his driving exam, chances are you will want to get on the roads asap and show off your new skills to your friends and the ladies. Quick word of advice – Don’t! You have invested so much time, money and effort to get your driver’s licence, why throw all that away just for your 5 minutes of fame?  Statistics show young drivers are some of the worst offenders in the UK for road crimes and accidents. Be sure you’re not included in that figure.

Of course there are many other tips we could advise all the new drivers of the roads but the best thing we could possibly say is relax and remember your training. Be aware of everybody around you and ensure you are always driving defensively! If more drivers approach driving with defensive mentality, there would be a lot less accidents and casualties on the roads today.

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