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Car parts & accessories | 18.03.2014 - 22:51

The Real Cost Of Driving Intoxicated: 5 Endings To That Story

This article talks about the real consequences of driving while intoxicated.

There isn't a good ending to a story involving a drunk driver. Driving while intoxicated always leads to an array of serious problems. The following list discusses some of the consequences of getting behind the wheel while being drunk.


Driver's License Suspension
An individual that is found to be driving while intoxicated can have his or her driver's license suspended for a certain time. A typical suspension is several months for first time offenders that are caught driving while being drunk. The license suspension is also based on the actual driver's BAC content that is officially recorded by a police officer.


Driver's License Revocation
Repeat offenders that are caught drunk driving may have their license revoked. A revocation essentially strips an individual the right to have a driver's license in the state where he or she was officially charged with multiple DWI offenses. Revocations can last for years. Hartley Pecora Law Offices say that multiple DWI offenses within a particular time frame can actually lead to felony charges and lifetime revocation of a driver's license.


Ignition Interlock Device
Drivers that are convicted of DWI may have ignition interlock devices installed inside their vehicles. Every time the driver tries to start up the car, he or she must pass a breath analyzer test that detects BAC levels. This device can remain inside a car for months or even years depending on a driver's previous and ongoing convictions of driving while intoxicated.


Fatal Accidents and Penalties
Drunk drivers are responsible for a significant percentage of fatal car accidents. When fatalities are involved in a crash, drivers with high BAC levels may be charged with various degrees of manslaughter and even homicide. Such charges can lead to imprisonment. After getting out of jail, the legal problems can continue with probation, community services and possible civil lawsuits.


Expenses For Drunk Driving
Drivers accused of DWI may need to hire a lawyer in order to defend such charges. The legal fees for DWI defense can add up quickly, especially if the case stretches out for months. Drivers with DWI convictions also have to pay extremely high auto insurance rates. Additionally, the Department of Motor Vehicles may force people convicted of DWI to pay penalty fees and attend special clinics that cover defensive driving and drunk driving.


There is no escaping the consequences of drunk driving. Police officers can easily prove that a driver is drunk by doing a BAC test. Legal expenses, penalties, jail time and license suspensions follow DWI charges.

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