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Car design | 18.03.2014 - 19:53

Different Types of Suspension Lift Kits

While a raised suspension means that you can get better clearance for your vehicle.

While a raised suspension means that you can get better clearance for your vehicle, if you're looking to raise the suspension on your Jeep, your SUV, or whatever, it's important to know that there is more than one single type of suspension lifting kit. You can also find them labeled as leveling or lift kits. Anyone looking to raise the suspension of his vehicle will need a specific type of kit, which is almost modified based on the variety of drivetrain employed.


  • Lift blocks are nothing more than spacers between the vehicle's axles and its leaf springs. Lift blocks are recommended more for rear suspensions than front, especially for raising the vehicle to the desired level of height. Placing lift blocks in the front suspension is a bad idea, because of the higher risk of brake displacement; the lateral force created from braking is sent higher up on the axle than a regular model would receive it.


  • Leaf Springs are used in many trucks, providing great articulation, heavy payloads, and excellent durability. A properly fitted leaf spring suspension will allow your vehicle to exceed its regular weight capacity, as well as the maximum allowed diameter of tire. It's worth noting that some vehicles only support leaf spring suspensions in the front, rear, or sometimes even both.


  • Add-A-Leaf is a way to raise leaf springs by placing extra leaves within the vehicle's pack. While this method increases vehicle height, it can sometimes take a toll on the shocks due to the increased rate of springing. One drawback with add-a-leaf measures is that the user is still reliant upon the integrity of the existing springs; worn out leafs that should be 2 inches may only produce a resulting increase of 1 and a half inches. It's for this reason that new leaf springs are preferred, as they don't suffer fatigue and will raise the lift as much as is intended.


  • Spring Over Axle, or S.P.O.A., are useful for rock crawlers by keeping the tires low while the springs give ground clearance to everything important.


  • Shackle Reverse, or S/R, are better for mild terrains and considerably worse for driving fast on the highway.


  • Coil Suspensions are recommended for many 4WD vehicles due to their excellent shocks and the cheaper price of coiled springs.

Here are some great vendors for lift kits
1. SDTruckSprings.com
2. AllSportsLiftKits.com
3. Truxxx.com

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