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Car parts & accessories | 18.03.2014 - 05:01

The Most Iconic Motorbikes in History and How to Take Care of Your Own

A great read on iconic motorbikes and maintenance tips every hardcore biker should know! It’s impossible to compile a list of the most iconic motorbikes in history.
Harley Davidson

Therefore, the list below is comprised of just four of the many motorbikes cherished by motorbike enthusiasts picked randomly!


1. The Triumph Bonneville
There’s something about Triumphs that just won’t die. Perhaps it’s the fact that production has ceased on three occasions and they’re still popular today, or perhaps it’s the fact that this bike has been popularised by none other than Marlon Brando, James Dean and Steve McQueen.


There have been a few changes over the years, most notably the fact that the parallel-twin engine grew from 650cc to 865cc and its carburettors have been replaced by fuel injection, not to mention different productions – Triumph Engineering, Norton Villiers Triton, Devon Bonnie and Hinckley.


2. The Harley Davidson Sportster
Picked for being Harley Davidson’s bestseller, the Sportster is a monster of a motorbike. The Sportster was originally intended for flat-track racing and with its powerful 45-degree V-Twin engine it’s both fast and nimble.


With five variants available, and a seemingly limitless catalogue of bolt-ons, there’s little reason to believe the Sportster won’t continue to be a bestseller for many years to come.


3. The Ducati 916
The Ducati 916 not only exudes more sex appeal than something made of metal theoretically should be able to muster, but it also captured four out of five World Superbike Championships in the late 1990s.

Featured in ‘The Art of the Motorcycle’ exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum alongside some of the most stunning motorbikes of all time, it’s difficult, if not outright impossible, to deny the inherent appeal of this testament to motorbike design and engineering finesse.


4. Brough Superior SS100
The “Rolls Royce of motorcycles” – enough said.


The SS100 was guaranteed to hit 100mph which was quite an extraordinary feat in 1924. T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) owned three Brough Superiors and in 1928 George Brough himself would hit 130mph on a Brough Superior SS100 in the standing kilometre. A remarkable machine.


Maintaining your own bike
Whilst your own motorbike mightn’t be anywhere near as iconic as Peter Fonda’s ‘Captain America’ bike in Easy Rider, a Royal Enfield Bullet, a ‘40 Indian Chief, a Confederate R131 Fighter or even the Honda CB750, however, maintaining your motorbike regularly is important and helps you to keep your bike in top condition, and more importantly, avoid an easily preventable mishap caused by lax upkeep.


Daily checks
Checking your motorbike on a daily basis might seem superfluous but it only takes a minute or two and taking into account what could transpire if you came off because of a loose bolt or nut; it’s worth the little time it takes.


Brakes – Apply the brakes individually to check for firmness and check the fluid level on the inspection window of the hydraulic brakes


Coolant – Ensure the coolant level is between the two indicator marks on the reservoir


Drive chain – Have a quick look to check the chain for slackness and lubricate it regularly


Engine/transmission oil level – If your bike has an inspection window this will take a second to check


Lights and horn – Give the horn a toot and toggle your lights


Tyres – Use a gauge every few days and press down on your tyres daily to ensure they’re not down


In addition to regular maintenance, keep an eye on your registration and MOT check requirements and don’t forget to renew your motorbike insurance so as to not be caught out. Not only will you incur a hefty fine and lose license points, but if you’re involved in an accident the repercussions would be severe.


About the Author:

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