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Car tips & advice | 17.03.2014 - 15:39

Maintain for Safety: Best Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Safe

We all can take simple measures to keep our vehicles safe. Read on to learn how to maintain the safety of your car.

There are several steps that drivers can take to be more safe on the road. The following list discusses some important safety precautions for all passenger cars.


Vehicle Recalls

Auto manufacturers regularly release recalls for specific makes and models. Sometimes, a recall is issued for some problems that can be serious safety hazards. For example, some cars may have gas pedals that "stick" to the floor. Other vehicles can be recalled for air bag installation problems. Safercar.gov is an official website that offers information on recalls for all car makes and models in North America.

Tire Maintenance & Replacement

Tires can get worn out very quickly on particular vehicles such as sports cars and coupes. It's dangerous to drive a car that has very little tread remaining on the tires. It's recommended that tires be rotated every six months or approximately 10,000 miles. The rotation helps evenly distribute the wear and tear of tires. Of course, All Wheel Drive vehicles already have a relatively even distribution of wear on the tires.

Drivers should keep the tires on vehicles properly inflated. A simple digital or mechanical gauge can be used to quickly check the air pressure inside all four tires. Some vehicles also have tire pressure monitoring systems that provide automatic alerts.

It's also important to install seasonal tires for cars that drive in regions that have extreme winters or summers. The Tire Store tire dealer is an example of an online supplier of all season tires for all types of passenger cars.

State Inspections

During a mandatory automobile state inspection, some recommendations may be made regarding repairs and maintenance. For example, the brake pads may be worn out and need replacement within several weeks or months after a state inspection.

Drivers should take all recommendations seriously in order to stay safe on the road and pass the next year's state inspection. A vehicle state inspection may also reveal other safety hazards such as signal lights and headlights that don't work and need to be replaced immediately.

Windshield Wipers

A new windshield wiper can play an important role in vehicle safety. During heavy snow or rain, faulty wipers may leave smudges and marks that essentially obstruct a driver's view through the window. The rubberized contact surface of wipers tend to break during icy conditions. Therefore, replacements may be needed after a heavy winter season.

Drivers should always be alert about any recent vehicle recalls. Regular maintenance and essential repairs also make any car safer to drive.

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