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Car tips & advice | 14.03.2014 - 21:41

Four Tips For Avoiding or Not Exacerbating Post-Car Accident Injuries

Here are four suggestions for ways you can keep a car accident from having quite as dire consequences for you or others that are involved.
Car Wreck Safety Tips

Often, car accidents seem inevitable. Thousands of people are seriously injured each year from them; others suffer from nagging back or neck pain for years following a collision. However, these four tips provide driver and passengers with proven ways to avoid or at least decrease the effects of car accident injuries.

Wear a Seatbelt

Most people know that they should wear a seatbelt, yet some do not wear one regularly. Seatbelts prevent people from flying forward into the dashboard, airbag or steering wheel if they are hit from the front. Even passengers sitting in the rear of the vehicle should buckle up to prevent severe head injuries. Infants, toddlers and young children should be placed in appropriate car seats or booster seats that are secured with seatbelts.

Maintain the Vehicle

It is difficult for some people to connect car maintenance with accident prevention. Although regular maintenance may be costly, it saves lives. One of the top examples is regular brake inspection. Worn out brake pads may lead to difficulty stopping the car. Another example is tire rotation and replacement as the tires become worn. Bald tires slip in rain and snow.

Never Move an Injured Person

To prevent extensive injuries, a person who has been in a car accident should never be moved without the help of emergency personnel. This individual may have head or neck injuries that could worsen if the neck is moved. The only exception to this is if the person is in danger staying at the site of the accident, such as if there is a fire.

See a Doctor

If there are any medical concerns following an accident, such as dizziness, pain or confusion, the injured individual should immediately be taken to the hospital. However, even if there are no immediate signs of injury, the person should still see his regular doctor as soon as possible. Early care, including an examination and x-rays, can decrease the incidence of permanent pain or disability.

These tips can decrease the chance of having an accident, reduce injuries from car accidents and even save lives. Despite following each of these four tips, some people will still find themselves injured in a car accident. If this is the case, the best option is to speak with an attorney, such as one from the Law Offices of Savin & Bursk, who will be able to help the individual recover the costs of the accident and the price of follow-up medical care.

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