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Car parts & accessories | 14.03.2014 - 11:29

For Car Bling – Try Trim Rings

The 21st century counterparts range from the TR1518P 18 inch designed for Chevy Camaro models, the TR1517P made to fit the 1948 Rover P3 and the TR1515TP silver rings for Toyota Prius wheels.
For Car Bling – Try Trim Rings

Bling is definitely in and it is time your car got a makeover. What was introduced as a protective measure for car wheels has now been transformed into a decorative disk that along with providing protection to your car, will definitely add character to the vehicle. Polished hub caps and stainless steel rings that dress up your car were quite a rage a few centuries ago and are even today. These metallic decorative Trim Rings, over car wheels are a great attraction for buyers and lucrative for those whole deal in car parts.
Sizes that Fit
Catering to the demand today, there is a size to fit every wheel. Depending on the car model and dimensions of the wheel, Trim rings are available in sizes from 14 to 18 inches.  Most of these rings bear the trademark or symbol of the automobile and decorative non-functional spokes. Auto
The Make and Type
Available in stainless steel, chrome plated, triple chrome plated and alloy based varieties, some come in sizes from slim line to narrow (5 inches in size) that fit wheel just the centre of the wheel.  The ‘deep’ alternative (14 – 15 inches) comes in two variations – 2.5 inches for wheels with a dimension of 15x7 and 3.0 inches for those rally wheels with a dimension of 15X8.
Varieties also include non – rotating hub caps that allow for messages or advertising to be placed on the hubcap/ring and be read while the vehicle is moving.
The Pocket Pinch
These decorative covers placed over the central of part of the wheel are available in prices based on the design, type and make of the Beauty Rings. The 14 and 15 inch standard width Trim Ring is priced range from $ 34.95 to $ 49.95. With an increase in width the prices range from $ 57.95 to $79.95 for 16 to 17 inch rings.  Well, it does not end here as prices are also based on car brands and you can always order a customized ring. The base cost for one such customized Trim Ring starts at $ 299.99 and taking it from there, the sky is the limit.
Rings that Impress
Famous models include the vintage 1950 Cadillac called Sombrero and the 1950’s Oldsmobile. 
Value for Money
Replacing what is known as ‘poverty caps’ or ‘dog dishes’ there trim rings are not just for the same of ornamental value. These Trim Rings not only protect the wheel from corrosion but also audibly warn car drivers if a wheel nut happens to loosen and run off.

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