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Car tips & advice | 13.03.2014 - 09:29

7 Things Every Person Renting a Campervan Must Know

Many things must be taken into consideration when renting a campervan in Australia, these factors are listed and discussed in this helpful article.
Finding yourself

“It was more than a motorhome... it was a car I could go to the bathroom in.” – Homer Simpson


Of the many wonderful things about hiring a campervan and hitting the open road is that you can do just that – hire a campervan and hit the open road – though don’t use it as a bathroom if it doesn’t have one, or even if it does, use it only when you have to.


Whilst it’s actually that easy, if you’re to get the most out of your time holidaying in a campervan you should make the effort to gain a good understanding of campervans, the different models and varieties available, where to stay and what you can do to avoid problems.


Here are seven things to consider before hiring a campervan.


1. What to hire?


This is why you should do your homework before hiring a campervan – there really are more campervans to select from than you can point a stick at, which you might find yourself doing whilst remarking to your friends, ‘That’s what we should have hired.’


2. How much to pay?


Your budget determines, to a great extent, the campervan hire options available to you, though be aware that you might find it necessary to increase your initial budget in order to hire a more suitable model.


If you’re after affordable campervan hire, which you undoubtedly are, source several quotes for campervan hire in Australia, compare them and see which is the most competitive.


Rates aren’t all you need to take into account though, so give some thought to pick up and drop off points and other pertinent considerations.


3. Where to pick up and drop off?


Some campervan hire firms offer a wider range of pick up and drop off points than others. If you’re beginning and ending your campervan adventure in major cities or popular tourist destinations, for example Alice Springs in the Australian outback, then you won’t have any problems.


However, if you’re looking to start and end your trip in places less frequented you might need to make additional transportation arrangements.


4. Where to go?


If you’re holidaying in Australia where doesn’t look good?


5. What are they like to drive and stay in?


As a general rule, you’ll have to consider the trade-off between a campervan that’s really comfortable to drive and how much comfort you’re looking to enjoy on your campervan adventure.


Smaller campervans naturally handle more comfortably, though if you’re travelling as a large group and you’re looking to hire a six berth campervan, which is a large model, you’ll need to take into account how comfortable you’ll feel behind the wheel.


6. What do they come with and what to pack?


Most campervan hire firms provide you with all the basics required for a very comfortable stay with everything you need to cook with. However, whilst some hire firms provide more than you need others provide less, so take a look at the website before packing.


As a general rule, it’s better to pack lightly though ensure you’ve brought everything you need. Finding yourself without a corkscrew as the sun slowly sets over Uluru would prove distressing.


7. Where to camp?


You don’t need to limit yourself to campsites because you’ll find many places where you can set up for the night without incurring charges. Many campervan enthusiasts recommend one night at a campsite and one independent, or something to that effect.


Spending the night at a campsite provides you with access to proper toilets, hot water showers, and most importantly, someone other than your travelling companions to talk to!


About the Author:
Travel Car Centre is a company that aims to be every client's reliable partner for individual trips. They specialise in offering services related to  campervan hire in Australia.

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