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Car tips & advice | 13.03.2014 - 04:50

5 Luxury Car Repair and Maintenance Tips

A car can be an asset, but it can also be a way of life - depending on who manufactured the vehicle. Owning a luxury car isn't just a status symbol¬- it's a way to say that you've made it and that you like to live life beautifully and comfortably.

Yes, you spent a lot of money on your luxury car, but you didn't spend all that money for the sake of shining your hood ornament and calling it a day. For all these reasons, it is critical that you take extra measures to repair and maintain your luxury vehicle. Here are five luxury car and maintenance tips.
1. Don't take your luxury vehicle to any regular car wash. Would you clean your expensive suits in your home sink? - Probably not. This is sort of the same reasoning behind not taking your nice car to the DIY car wash place down the street or the place where they are cleaning and churning out mid-sized sedans all day long. So, make sure that you find a specialized luxury car detailing service in your area.
2. Don't use the wrong oil for your vehicle. Just like you wouldn't take your luxury vehicle to a regular car wash, you also don't want to take your car to any old oil change place. You want to take your vehicle to the dealership or have someone that is accustomed to luxury vehicles change your oil for you. Luxury vehicles are built with high performance engines and need specialized oil that is intended for your specific type of engine and car.
3. Don't use leather cleaner you can find on the shelf of your local supermarket. The leather in your luxury vehicle is most likely made out of very expensive, top-grain leather. Top-grain means that the leather hide is exceptionally thick, supple and pliable. If the seats in your vehicle feel soft as butter, but have a unique sheen to them, there is a good chance that you have top-grain leather. So, make sure that you use a leather cleaner and conditioner that is appropriate.
4. Don't take your vehicle to just any mechanic. Most luxury vehicles need very special attention and care. There are mechanical aspects in luxury vehicles that take years of advanced learning and experience to understand. For instance, if you have a brand new Maserati, make sure to take your car to a mechanic that specializes in Maseratis, like MDM Maserati & BMW repair. The last thing you want is for your mechanical problem to get worse as a result of inexperience or lack of know how.
5. Don't eat or drink anything in your luxury vehicle. Many people turn their vehicles into their own picnic area, but what can often happen is that food scraps and crumbs will start to build up in the cracks and crevices of your vehicle. So, make sure to have a no food or drink policy in your vehicle if you want to keep that new luxury vehicle sheen and smell.

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