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Car tips & advice | 12.03.2014 - 21:56

What You Can Do To Make Your Car Look Great Again After An Accident

While auto accidents can damage your car easily, a little effort can get your car looking better than ever.

After you've had an accident, you may feel as though your car is a wreck. Most accidents actually aren't as damaging as they first appear. You can usually make your car look much better with a few simple steps.

Clean it thoroughly following the accident
You may be surprised to find out that the damage isn't actually as bad as it seems. Often, things that appear to be scratches or rather severe damage will actually rub right out. When cleaning your vehicle, you may want to use a thick cloth that is designed for car care. Other cloths may make the damage a little worse, as it might scratch off paint around the damage. Be very careful and use warm water and soap.

Replace small parts
Parts such as mirrors and lights can be purchased on an after market online vendor, sometimes even used. These parts are usually fairly inexpensive and can make your car look almost as good as new if that is the only damage that occurred on your car. Replacing these small parts can often be done on your own,and professionals can help for a cost-effective fix. Hub caps are another example of ways to make your car look great again.

Put in a new license plate
If you hit something head-on or were hit from behind, your license plate may be damaged. Your license plate is a major feature of your vehicle, so you may want to replace it if you want your vehicle to look a little better.

Shine your wheels and wax your car
If you can't fix, distract. Putting a little whine on your vehicle's wheels with a specially formulated wheel oil will make your car sparkle and look good again. After you've buffed out the damage you can and cleaned your car, you may want to wax it as well.

Get new paint
Professionals can often guarantee paint matching so that your car can look new again, says the experts at D & T Body Shop, Inc. They can pinpoint an exact match for your car so you don't end up driving around with visible patches of color on your vehicle. Getting the right paint color done by professionals can make your car look even better than it did before the accident.

Getting your car fixed after an accident can help your car look brand new again. While some repairs will be costly, there are many simple fixes professionals can do to your vehicle to improve the cosmetics.

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