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Car tips & advice | 12.03.2014 - 18:09

5 Things Every Auto Mechanic Should Consider

Running your own auto repair shop can be stressful, this article is meant to make your job a little easier
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Every single profession has its role, and the field including auto mechanics is no exception to that rule. Part of fulfilling a role is to understand the necessities of the business, and these are five things that all auto mechanics need to keep in mind.
Business Location
When people find an auto mechanic who they trust, they tend to stick with that person. Cars are expensive items, and they don't want just anyone working on it. As a result, you should look for a location that does not already have this "mechanic next-door" type of feel. Trying to compete with a well-established business may mean that yours has to close down its doors soon. Make sure your facilities are clean, organized, and that your staff is well kept. People have seen all kinds of rip off reports about auto mechanics not always being honest etc.. You don't want to give people a reason to pass on by your place, and go somewhere that is cleaner and more organized than yours.
Safety and Security
Since you are working on peoples' cars, you certainly have valuable items in your shop. Even if individuals are unable to steal the cars because you have the keys, they could do damage to them or steal parts from the vehicles. Therefore, you need to ensure that the property is completely locked up at night, and installing a security system would be wise as well. The worse the neighborhood you're located is in, the more security measures you should consider taking. Of course, bad things happen in nice towns too.
Reliable Repair Team
Of course, you are the one who is repairing the cars, but you need to have a reliable team in the event that something happens with your equipment. Establishing a relationship with companies like RJ Lifts and other places like snap on tools, or craftsman etc.. These companies help you to preform your duties to the best of your abilities, so it is vital that your relationships with these places are on good terms.
Wholesale Supplies
You are also going to need to have a stock of car parts at the mechanic shop. Yes, customers generally understand that you might need to order parts from time to time. However, if people are constantly waiting weeks on end for the parts of their cars to come in, they are unlikely to return to your shop in the future. In addition to having a repair team you can count on, you also need to have a wholesale parts store that is reliable.
All too many mechanics forget about the power of advertising because they are so invested in their work. In order to succeed in the industry, you must be aware of both old and new forms of advertisements. Being in the local newspaper and church bulletins is absolutely useful, but so is having a presence on the Internet.

When you are an auto mechanic, you never want to forget about these five components to ensure that you continue to run a healthy and profitable business.

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