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Tuning & styling | 11.03.2014 - 21:29

The Dark Edition Volkswagen GTI has Forged Wheels, 300 HP, and Black Body Work

The Volkswagen GTI is a cult classic and now it’s been given a makeover by ABT Sportsline. The new Dark Edition has all sorts of goodies from forged wheels and more power to new body work.

No matter which of the seven generations of Volkswagen GTI models, you can bet that they are all fun cars to drive. Their affordable price tag and good performance have made them the go to performance bargain for car enthusiasts across the globe. The cars are loved and respected and have a cult like status in the automotive industry. The new seventh generation Volkswagen GTI is packed with potential that’s ready to be tapped into and has been by the German aftermarket tuners at ABT Sportsline. Their engineering and design teams have created the Volkswagen GTI Dark Edition that has all sorts of goodies ranging from new aerodynamically optimized body work to forged wheels, tuned suspension, and modified engine in order to make them even more of a hot hatch. These fun small sports cars can be a joy to drive and the new Dark Edition by ABT Sportsline is at the top of the list after the new upgrades.

To start things off, the engineers and engine wizards at ABT Sportsline modified and upgraded the engine. The 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four cylinder engine was equipped with a new air intake system that draws in cooler air more efficiently. The entire exhaust system was replaced with a larger diameter stainless steel unit that has sport catalytic converters and ends in a set of black tailpipes to match the overall color scheme. The engine control unit’s software was then modified with a new program that allows the car to make a whopping 300 horsepower at each of the front forged wheels.

Other than the new engine tuning, the chassis of the Volkswagen GTI was also given a full range of performance oriented and style accessories from ABT Sportsline. The suspension can be lowered considerably thanks to a new adjustable suspension setup that provides an optimum center of gravity. The suspension is also stiffened up thanks to a new stabilizer for better handling. Putting all of the power to the pavement is a new set of lightweight ten spoke forged wheels. The new forged wheels measure 20 inches in diameter and wear high performance Michelin tires to ensure maximum grip in all situations.

The final upgrade was the exterior. ABT Sportsline designed a new front spoiler lip and grille with red accents to create a more aggressive fascia. Side skirts connect the forged wheels of the front and rear axles while carbon fiber side mirrors add a sporty touch. The rear features a new black and red roof mounted spoiler and a diffuser insert that accommodates two exhaust tips.

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