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Insurance | 11.03.2014 - 17:25

Eight Things You Didn't Know Your Car Insurance Could Cover

There are many different car insurance options out there.

In addition to covering your liabilities in the event of an accident or theft, your comprehensive car insurance can offer some pretty awesome, obscure coverage. Here are eight unusual circumstances yours may already cover.


Pet Injuries

If you are involved in an accident with Morris or Fido in the car, the pet's medical bills may be handled under your policy. Some may even cover the cost of replacing the animal if it does not survive the crash. For many people, their pets are like their family members, so why limit coverage to just humans?


Roadside Assistance

Forget shelling out every year for a AAA membership. You may already have roadside assistance built into your car insurance plan. Check your policy for towing mileage limits and other restrictions. This can save you a lot of money on tow truck fees if you happen to break down.


Windshield Repair

Whether it's a pebble kicked up by a truck in front of you or a bird that divebombed you on the freeway, many car insurance policies will cover repairing or replacing a windshield. Some carriers may also extend coverage to all the glass on your vehicle. Just remember that although your windshield may be covered, you'll still have to cover the deductible, which may cost you more than paying for your window out of pocket.


Locksmith Fees

Most people who lock their keys in the car assume the bill is their problem. However, some policies do cover the cost to have your door unlocked. You may need to call within a network of approved locksmiths or be reimbursed, so check your policy for full details.


Medical Bills

Even if your car wasn't damaged in an accident, you may still sustain injuries from the jolt. Whiplash can be extremely painful and may need to be treated at a certified chiropractors office like Alberta Back & Neck Rehab in Calgary. The coverage is usually limited to a certain dollar amount, but it will go a long way towards doctor's fees and physical therapy.


The Car You Lent to a Friend

If your friend borrows your car, parks it in their driveway and a tree falls and crushes it, your car insurance will likely cover it. In most cases, your insurance policy follows the vehicle, not the driver. Always check with your insurance policy before allowing non-covered drivers to operate your vehicle just in case.


Civil Disobedience

Cars are usually covered if they are damaged by riots, vandalism or other civil disobedience. You should never place yourself at risk in order to protect your vehicle, since any violence inflicted on your car will be handled by your insurance company.


Missiles of Many Types

Depending on the particulars of your coverage, your car may be covered for any damage done by bullets, thrown objects, cannon fire or any other missile you can think of.


The particulars of car insurance coverage can be confusing, but you will be glad to know you are covered if any of these bizarre circumstances happen to you. Of course, read your policy carefully for full details or contact your insurance agent if you want to add additional coverage.

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