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Sell a car | 11.03.2014 - 13:15

Selling Your Car: What Options Do You have?

There comes a time in every vehicle owner’s life where they have to sell their car. Knowing how to is a different matter. From selling online to part-ex or privately, find out exactly what options you have today.
Sell Your Car Online

The day has come: you have to get rid of your car. Whether it keeps breaking down, costs too much to repair or you’ve set your eyes on something a little more economical, knowing how to sell it can be quite daunting if you’ve never done it before.

Most people think: ‘I’ll just sell my car to the nearest dealership.’ But, there are, in fact, a number of options when it comes to shifting your old wheels. From selling your car online to selling part-ex or privately, the route you take can seriously affect the price you get.

Selling your car part-ex

The traditional way of selling a used car is at the local dealership you plan to buy your new car from. After choosing your new car, you would then put up your old one as an exchange to pay in part towards it.

What you might not know is that car dealerships will often offer you much less than the car is worth so you end up paying slightly more for your new one in real terms. That said, going to a large motor group, you are more assured than if you were to sell to someone you don’t know.
Before going to the dealership, you might want to check AutoTrader, Parkers or Glass guide books for a ball-park figure to work on given your make and model.

Selling your car privately

Whilst you won’t typically know the person you’re selling your car to, going for a private sale does have some advantages. The main ones being that you can often ask for more money since you’re not having to take into account a cut from the dealers.

With the potential for a better deal, you often compromise on your security and time. Selling your car privately will often attract punters and ditherers who have less intention to buy. It is advisable to have a friend or family member with you at the time just for that added peace of mind.
Selling your car online

Sites like Gumtree and eBay Motors have made the prospect of a private sale more plausible given their online platform to buy and sell cars. There are also a number of online car buying services that have sprung up too.

The major advantage from selling your car in this way is that you’ll typically get much more for your car than part-exchanging it at a dealer. The second is that, should you need to sell your car quickly, you can do so and have funds cleared as soon as the same day.

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