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Insurance | 11.03.2014 - 00:10

What to Know Before Submitting a Car Insurance Claim

Before you file a car accident claim, decide if it is necessary by discovering the answers to these common questions.
Car Accident

When you’ve been involved in an accident, one of your first instincts is to call your insurance company and see how they can help you. However, there are a few things to remember before going ahead and filing the claim.

Do you need to file a claim?

Before you jump the gun and file a claim on your auto insurance policy, determine if it is even necessary. In some situations it will be to your benefit to not inform your insurance company at all.

If you are a high-risk driver, filing a claim could make your premium skyrocket, even if the incident was not your fault. An additional accident would just be one more thing for your insurance provider to hold over you and use in their own defense to charge you extra money.

Minor damage that you can pay for on your own does not need to be reported or filed as a claim. This would include parking lot dings and scratches, any repair that you can manage to do on your own, or inexpensive repairs that cost a small out–of-pocket amount.

However, if the damage is not something that you would be able to pay for on your own or if you are not the driver responsible for the accident, you should report it to your insurance company.

Will your insurance company cover the incident?

Not all car-related incidents will be covered by your auto insurance policy. Your comprehensive coverage will help you with issues from flooding, fires, hitting an animal, vandalism, falling objects, and car theft. Your collision policy will cover you if you caused an accident or if you were hit by another driver and there are issues with their insurance policy.

Keep in mind that most comprehensive insurance will cover car theft, but not any personal possessions in the car at the time it was stolen. Your policy may not cover your car being moved by a shipping company, because the company should have their own insurance to cover any damage done.

Collision will sometimes cover towing and renting, but not always. Check with your insurance company to see what they will or will not pay for as each policy is different. Not all car owners are willing to have collision and comprehensive added onto their existing policy because of the extra expense. However, they may find that it pays in the long-run, particularly for those unforeseen events.

When will you be held liable?

Your liability is a big aspect to consider before filing a claim. If you are liable for the accident, your insurance premium is sure to increase. Make sure that you know how your insurance company will respond to claims covered by your comprehensive insurance.

Do you need a police report?

You do not always need or have access to a police report for an incident. However, having a police report can help you in your pursuit for a fair settlement from an insurance company. The police report will also be useful in showing who was at fault for the accident, which can save you money on your premium if you were merely a victim.

If you need to take legal action with your insurance claim or the other driver, having a police report will be vital. If you are the only driver involved, a police report will not always be necessary for insurance purposes. Only when you need to prove that you were not at fault does a police report benefit you.

Once you have answers to all of your questions, you will be ready to file a claim with your Los Angeles or Airdrie insurance company, like Anthony Clark Insurance. Remember to have all of the information on-hand when you call. You will need your policy number, the date and time of the accident or incident, the other driver’s information, and any witnesses’ statements as well as a police report (if applicable). Working with insurance companies doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you are prepared.

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