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Car tips & advice | 10.03.2014 - 22:52

How to Extend the Life of Your Old Vehicle: A Guide

If you think that your car is running on its last leg but your REALLY don't want to give up on it then take a look at these guidelines for keeping that old clunker on the road!

If you're like most folks, you want to save money. It makes sense in these economic times; one of the best ways to keep your cash in your bank account is by extending the life of your car. Maintaining an older car can save you money on payments and insurance each year. The following tips will help you stay in the black and keep your car on the road just that much longer.


Learn To DIY
You probably won't be changing a transmission on your old Ford, but doing your own oil and filter change and installing windshield wipers are relatively easy ways to save money and extend the life of your car. There are sites that can walk you through each step, or you could ask a DIY neighbor or friend to spend a Sunday afternoon giving you instructions. You might even be able to take a course at your local trade school or community college. This is a fun way to learn something new and meet folks who share some of the same interests.


Get In A Routine
Saving money on your older car can be as easy as adopting a fill-up routine. Filling your gas tank gives you time to check your oil, transmission and washer fluid, antifreeze and tire pressure. A car with properly filled fluids and tires means less wear and tear and more savings. If you're not familiar with these tasks, find a full service gas station or look it up online as these resources can show you exactly what to look for.


Do Your Homework
This means asking friends and family for any garage recommendations. Check out online review sites as well, and spend the extra time to stop by a new shop before you use it. How are you treated by the employees? Are their rates clearly marked and the bays organized? You'll also want to see how busy they are. A shop with few customers and several open bays might be overcharging or doing substandard work.


Get To Know Your Mechanic
First name basis isn't necessary, but the better you know the mechanic at your local shop the more money you are likely to save. Having the same expert work on your car will give you an insider relationship as a mechanic who knows your car will be able to alert you to small problems that can be fixed before they become expensive hassles. The experts at Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs in Burlington help many such people get back on the road after a damages have made the vehicle unsafe to drive. Remember that repeat business spells success for local shops which is why they'll go out of their way to stay in good standing.


Saving money on your current model by extending the life of your current vehicle will give you the extra cash to save for your next set of wheels or other expenses. Applying these tips to make your current vehicle last longer makes financial sense no matter what kind of car you drive.

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