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Review | 10.03.2014 - 09:19

Mercedes-Benz- The Best or Nothing

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most recognisable marks of quality in the world. Throughout its history, Mercedes-Benz has been at the forefront of innovative design, comfort and style.

 The company arose from humble German origins at the beginning of the twentieth century when Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler combined their expertise in the automobile industry to create Mercedes-Benz. Both men were experts in their field; Benz was awarded a German patent for his revolutionary three wheeled, self-propelled ‘Motorwagon’ and Daimler was one of the early champions of the petrol engine. In the 1920’s the two men combined their expertise and Mercedes-Benz was born. Since then the company has been at the forefront of technological innovation and design, producing only the best.

One of the key reasons for this unparalleled level of excellent is the emphasis placed on innovation through systematic and rigorous Research and Development. The design and image of a Mercedes-Benz is one of classic consistency. Mercedes-Benz Head of Advanced Design Studio encourages creativity and free thinking. However, there remains on key principle – a Mercedes must look like a Mercedes.

Of the car models themselves, there are certainly a few which stand out as truly and completely embodying the concept of ‘the best or nothing’.

The C-Class is the biggest selling model from Mercedes. The 2007 model which precedes the current C-Class hitting a sales record of over 2.4 million. The latest C-Class model is an elegant and clear design, with a wealth of technical innovations as well as the standard features we have come to expect from Mercedes Benz cars such as excellent emission and fuel consumption values – which will certainly offer the motorist savings on tax and fuel in the long term. The new C-Class pushes for the best in its new suspension, assistance systems offer and safety features. It is also the best in comfort with its high-quality modern interior, whilst also retaining a sporty feel. The best of both worlds.

For those preferring an overtly sporty model, the SL sports car from Mercedes is both sleek and playful. The SL continues to push technological boundaries; it will now feature a multimedia system with SPLITVIEW technology, enabling the driver and passenger to view different sets of content on the display at the same time. Passengers can relax and view films whilst the driver views navigation technology. Mercedes continue to strive for the best in safety with the SL’s Night View Assist Plus, capable of alerting the driver to hazards in unlit areas.

For those preferring larger models, the SUV M Class is the best in its category, being voted car of the year by readers of Europe’s biggest 4x4 magazine Auto BildAllrad. The newest ML is a market leader in terms of quality, safety and refinement. The car is incredibly quiet, with a thick magnesium sound-deadening front bulkhead, triple sealed windows and NVH insulation. It pushes technological boundaries with its double wishbone, airmatic air suspension and option ‘active curve control’ which allows for excellent body control on bends. It also comes with the highest level of luxury.

Whilst we have come to expect the best or nothing from Mercedes-Benz, what is perhaps most surprising is that it never fails to deliver. That’s across a variety of models, from SUVs to sporty numbers. It hits the best on every level; technological innovation, style and design, and driving comfort.

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