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Car news | 19.12.2012 - 16:12

Volvo and Ericsson Joined Forces

Volvo Car Group and Ericsson will jointly advance the technical development of industry-leading innovation within the field of Internet services in cars.
In near feature, we will have Ericsson's magic in our cars.

  Volvo expertise in driver behavior and safety, in cooperation with Ericsson's expertise in consulting and systems integration it will be used to define and select a service.

- Connected Vehicle platform, based upon Ericsson's multi-service platform will allow infotainment, applications and communications services in the new Volvo cars
- Drivers and passengers will benefit from the numerous services and applications
- Management services, consulting and system integration will be carried out Ericsson

Volvo and Ericsson will jointly create an ecosystem of connected vehicles. The car has a natural role in a related community and anyone who has the benefits from the merger with the car will have that option. This solution covers all Volvo markets around the world and it would be controled by Ericsson.

"We are aware that the cars in the near future will have the same level of digital services that users now have in their homes or at work. It is strategically a very important part of our investment in the future, because we intend to be a leader" - said Lex Kerssemakers, senior vice president of product strategy at Volvo Cars Company.

The driver will be able to download applications, reservation services, and communicate with the outside world, thanks to the Connected Vehicle platform, built into the Ericsson multi-service platform.

"Ericsson is the perfect partner for Volvo, as it brings extensive global experience and technology understandable. Addition, both companies share the same ambition to develop leading industrial solutions, and  shared vision of the future based on a connected society" - says Kerssemakers.

The partnership focuses on the rapid development of the SPA architecture Volvo vehicles. However, the connection service within the car will be offered in each new Volvo car, to the vendors as the industry leader in this field.

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