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Review | 07.03.2014 - 13:45

Which Land Rover Do I Want

With a variety of stylish and roomy models to choose from, Land Rover has long been a respected and sought after name in the world of cars.

With a variety of stylish and roomy models to choose from, Land Rover has long been a respected and sought after name in the world of cars. Of course, with that choice comes a number of factors to take into account when deciding on which one to buy. So, it’s important to consider what factors affect you.

Size is first thing to bear in mind. Take the new freelander at hunters landrover as an example. It has everything you’d hope for in a Land Rover: it’s stylish, luxurious, and retains the traditional Land Rover appearance we have all come to recognise. But, like the Range Rover Evoque, it is slightly more compact than other models. So if you have a family, or intend to use the vehicle to carry cargo, you may well prefer a full-size 4x4, like the Discovery or the Defender.

Not all models run on the same fuel, either. Land Rovers with petrol engines tend to produce less amount of harmful emissions, which as a result produce less noise than diesel engines. On the other hand, diesel engines provide a Land Rover with the additional muscle power to carry further weight for a sustained period of time. Diesel is also the cheaper option where fuel is concerned.

This leads into the car’s handling, which is linked to its transmission. There are three different choices – automatic, semi-automatic and manual transmission. Naturally, these different choices will have an impact on how you drive. Again, there is a link between fuel and efficiency – models with a manual gearbox aren’t always the easiest to use in busy city centres and don’t tend to give as much to the gallon when compared to automatic and semi-automatic versions. By the same token they do tend to be less expensive to buy in the first place. So this is something you need to weigh up.

If indeed you do intend to do any proper off-road driving then you will need a proper 4x4, because normal road tyres won’t cut the mustard on more challenging off-road terrains. Off road driving will also require a car with a low-range transfer box. This is what helps the car to tackle any tricky conditions. However, cars that are designed to be driven off road don’t always make for a great driving experience on roads.

So, while all Land Rovers share a common theme of quality, they offer different things, and it’s important to be clear on that or else you’re driving experience isn’t going to be the enjoyable one it should be. Be very clear on what you need a Land Rover for - is there a compromise between off-roading and popping into town to go shopping? The reality for many Land Rover owners is that they may well never take their car off road. That’s why the new Freelander at Hunters Land Rover has a two wheel drive; it gives drivers the versatility that perhaps 4x4s don’t always offer. This is an important consideration for anyone thinking of buying a Land Rover.

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