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Motor shows | 03.03.2014 - 17:36

5 Priceless Pieces of Advice for Those Entering Their First Car Show

If you're new to the car show circuit, there are a few things you'll want to know so that you don't stick out like a first-year rookie.

Car shows offer an amazing opportunity to showcase a spectacular ride to fellow enthusiasts and the general public. If this is your first time entering a car show, don’t fret. There’s a first time for everything and by following the advice below, you’ll find your first time to be a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Learn Which Show is Best for Your Car
There are a wide variety of shows for many types of vehicles, from 1960s and 1970s muscle cars to turn-of-the-century antiques. Look for car shows in your area that showcase the type of car you have and start from there. You may have to wait a while until there is a fitting car show in your area, or you might have to travel a bit to get to a car show that your car fits in. You don't want to feel out of place, so make sure you do the proper research about the show before you commit to featuring your car in it.

Review Registration Details
Contact the organizer or research the registration info online. Find out if there are any entry fees (and if so, how much) and whether there are any secondary events (such as a parade or a concert). Don’t forget to read the fine print for any information on prohibited items (alcohol, outside foods, etc.) and other stipulations. Once you find the right type of car show, you need to make sure you are informed of all the rules, regulations, fees, and anything else about that show in particular.

Reserve Your Space Early
Car shows only have so much space to offer entrants, so it pays to plan ahead. Contact the organizer and sign up early on to reserve your space. This way, you’ll have a guaranteed spot you won’t have to scramble for at the last minute. It may take a while to complete registration for some shows, so make sure you get an early start, and you'll be sure to get a spot.

Clean Clean Clean
This may seem like a no-brainer, but no matter the car show, appearances count. Before you transport your vehicle, give your car’s interior and exterior a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Make sure there are no visible signs of rust or corrosion on the body and chrome trim. A spotless appearance is what will draw the judges’ and general public’s attention. Whether you do the cleaning yourself or have it cleaned by professionals, make sure that you carefully inspect every inch of the vehicle before the show. You don't want to miss anything and be embarrassed.

Bring Back-Up Supplies for Cleaning Touch Ups
Chances are your car will catch a little dirt and dust during the car show or even on the way. This is where your cleaning supplies come in handy. A microfiber towel and a bottle of cleaning solution can help keep dirt and dust at bay, keeping your vehicle spotless for the whole show. Many car show rookies forget to bring cleaning supplies with them, so make sure you are prepared for anything that could happen at your first show.

With the above advice, you’ll have a great time showing off your fantastic ride to fellow fans and curious onlookers. You may even draw the attention of the judges and win any number of prizes for having the best car in the show. As your first car show entry goes off without a hitch, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to enter in future shows. Information for this article was provided by the experts of Ryan's Auto Parts, who provide auto parts in Detroit.

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