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Car design | 26.02.2014 - 12:40

The March of the Japanese Car Makers

This makes knowing which one to pick difficult, as they often lack inn key areas due to money saving measures.

When you are shopping in the budget car market it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. There are so many options as car affordable car makers flood the market with reasonably capable models at knockdown prices. This makes knowing which one to pick difficult, as they often lack inn key areas due to money saving measures. One country that you can trust to have you in good shape when buying a car is Japan. Just the sheer abundance of quality Japanese cars available in Europe is showcased by the four names that immediately spring to mind: Honda, Toyota, Mazda and Suzuki; whose cars offer you the following:


Build quality

No other part of the world builds mainstream cars with a higher build quality than Japan. Honda, Mazda, Suzuki and Toyota are all famed for exceptional levels of durability that helps their cars become the most trustworthy new and used models money can buy. Bombproof reliability is guaranteed across the board, which ensures that within the second hand market Japanese-built cars will always be desirable.


Affordability and practicality

One thing that Japanese car makers guarantee is affordable prices that will never leave you gawping at a price tag. They may not always be the cheapest available, but you get TARDIS-like space and clever accessibility; all at a reasonable cost in comparison to other models available. Better-value for money will not be found elsewhere.


Neat styling

Often budget cars tend to feature dull and lifeless styling as the manufacturer looks to cut costs rather than inspire. However, the likes of Honda have a futuristic looking range built on the power of dreams; Mazda now has its KUDO design language that delivers premium-looking motors; Suzuki has a crop of neat and sporty looking cars; and Toyota has Lexus which ploughs money into looking the best.


Inspirational drive and impressive economy

Japanese car makers do not forfeit their principals in order to slash their prices. Take Mazda for example, which produces a host of cars that deliver driver engagement by the bucket load but won’t cost you the earth to refuel because of efficient SkyActiv technology. Honda does the same and Toyota are famed for pioneering the future of Hybrid technology that will eventually revolutionise the way all of us drive.


New and used Japanese cars at Lifestyle Europe in West Sussex provide superb value that certainly won’t be beaten on quality, style, drive or reliability for the money.

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