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Car parts & accessories | 26.02.2014 - 09:47

Different Ways To Save Money On Car Tyres

Nowadays it is not great to see the fact that car tyre manufacturers will increase prices. The blame is basically put on anything from rubber prices to gas prices

Nowadays it is not great to see the fact that car tyre manufacturers will increase prices. The blame is basically put on anything from rubber prices to gas prices. You do not want to buy the really cheap tyres, unless they are sold under some sort of discount, and the best tyres are usually not necessary. What counts the most is making sure that the tyres have proper ratings, can properly handle water and have a very good traction rating.

Let us now touch on the main subject at hand: saving money, the one thing that absolutely all car owners want to do. Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Always Shop Online


Do not wait until the last second to buy your tyres. This for example will not allow you to make purchases from really good firms like the Belfast Tyre Company. Instead, look online for around 3 shops that have showrooms located near where you live. This allows you to find some pretty good discounts and online sales.


2. Go To The Showroom Of The Selected Store


As soon as you find the best price and the best quality for the money that you are about to pay, print the quote based on the tyre size and go to the shop in person. Make sure that the rating is of over 500,000 miles and do go for all the protection that you require.


3. Consider Other Tyre Stores


When you go to another store, show the printed quote so that the representative knows that current prices can be beaten. That works great and you will surely love the fact that most of the really large companies actually have a nice policy in store that printed quotes from the local competitors need to be met or beaten. Going to different stores helps out a lot and you will end up with lower offers.

4. Don’t Forget About Tyre Maintenance


Most people simply think about how much they are about to pay when they buy new tyres. This is not something that you should do. The best thing that can be done is making the tyres you have be useful for as long as possible. Make sure that you have your tyre gauge with you at all times. This allows you to remember that you have to check them. In addition, suggested rotation schedule should be followed to the letter. If you stay a little bit focused on maintenance, you will be able to drive your car with your current set of tyres for longer distances, thus saving money.

5. Never Buy More Than What You Need

Some car owners end up buying different sets based on various ratings that are presented by sellers. That is not at all a good idea since you end up paying for specialty tyres that you do not actually need. Just think about what driving type you do on a regular basis and opt for a set that is suitable in this case. For instance, buying a set of tyres that are designed for snow simply because you might go on a trip sometime is not a good idea.

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