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Security | 25.02.2014 - 13:59

Is Car Key Crime on the Rise and How to Prevent It

Car key crime is one of the most irritating things that can happen to your car - here's how to prevent it
car keys

The thought of a house burglary creates an impression of a ransacked home, clothing strewn everywhere and your jewellery stolen. However, the reality of this occurrence is very different and quite often the burglar comes like a thief in the night and takes one small but very expensive item – your car keys.

Car key crime is one of the fastest growing forms of crime in the UK and understandably so. While many people lock away precious gems and stones in their safes, they often leave their car keys in the cupboard by the door, or just in a bowl in the kitchen – easy to find, easy to take and worth a huge amount of cash.

In fact, the number of car keys stolen in London alone has swollen in recent times and in parts of the city there has been a 70 per cent increase in the number of break-ins. A lot of people feel that the reason for this increase is down to the fact that car security systems are increasingly complex and the chance of a person being able to start a car without the key is virtually zero.

The number of car thefts in the UK and London as a whole has dropped for a number of years now, however the number of car key related car thefts has steadily increased – something we’d feel owes to the aforementioned factor. Last year for example, there was a 10 per cent rise in burglaries in London, but a 60 per cent rise in the number of cark key thefts. There were over 750 of these car key thefts between April, May and June last year and under five hundred for the same period a year earlier.

When it Happens?

Most car key theft can be prevented and there are a number of common trends that we see again and again at www.autokeysquad.com when customers tell us how they lost their keys.

• When people are asleep
• When owners are in the back garden
• Keys left in front door
• Big burglary and the car is then used as a getaway vehicle
• Stolen from gym bags or workplaces
• Taken from bags or jacket pockets in busy places
• Carjacking

London is the car theft capital in this regard; however other prominent areas include Manchester, Yorkshire, Merseyside and the Thames Valley.

Advice on Preventing the Problem

There are numerous ways that you can prevent such a problem and we’ve compiled some advice to follow to prevent such problems.

• Keep your car locked in a garage
• Keep your keys hidden in a secure place
• Lock ground floor doors and windows at night and when you’re away
• Don’t leave keys or spares in the house when you’re away
• Improve your car security with an aftermarket tracking device and alarm
• Park in well-lit areas where security is good
• Carry your car keys in a secure place and not somewhere that they can be lifted
• Never leave your car unattended with the keys in it – even if you’re only getting out for a minute.

Follow these tips and you can ensure the chances of your car being stolen and key crime fall dramatically.

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