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Tuning & styling | 24.02.2014 - 18:27

6 Obscure Tools You Might Want For Your Home Auto Shop

If you've ever wanted to work on your cars and found that you are are missing that one random part that no one has, you aren't alone. Here are 6 of them that you might need.
Probing the motor with my metal probe...

If you are preparing to outfit your home auto shop or garage with new tools and equipment, you may be wondering which tools are worth your financial investment. There are certainly obvious tools that you have already thought of, such as wrenches. However, there are some more advanced tools that you may want to equip your shop with for improved results with your efforts.

Power Wrench
When you think of a power wrench, you may think of a compressed air wrench. This is one option, but there are highly powerful, battery-operated power wrenches now available that are more convenient and functional to use. They negate the need to always be close to a power outlet when working on your car and can hasten many functions for you.

Air Ratchet Bolt Blaster
When you work on vehicles, there inevitably will be times when you need to remove bolts and other components that are too tight to be loosened or that have become so rusted or corroded that they are almost impossible to remove by hand. An air ratchet bolt blaster can be used to remove the bolt within seconds, and some of the most powerful machines have as much as 65 pounds of torque. If you still can't get that bolt out, try using some heavy duty machine tools to rebore and rethread the hole.

Wireless Stethoscope
There are several models of ultra-sensitive listening devices that you can invest in for your home auto shop. These are designed to help you pinpoint where an unusual noise is originating from in your vehicle. Diagnosing repair issues is important in any repair project, and this tool can make the diagnostic process easier and more successful.

High Torque Pneumatic Wrench
This is a specialized type of power tool that is designed to apply an intense amount of reverse torque to focused areas. It may be used to remove bolts and other components with ease, and it can be used to make light work of very strenuous or difficult tasks.

Battery Carrier
This is a very simple and affordable tool that almost every vehicle owner will want to have. Car batteries are heavy, and they can be difficult to remove from vehicles. A battery carrier can be affixed to the battery while it is still in the car, and this makes it easier to remove. In addition, it also makes it easier to tote the battery for disposal purposes.

Hex-Bolster Screwdriver
This is another highly affordable tool that you may not need to use frequently, but when you do, you will be thrilled that you own it. This tool is designed to enhance the torque on your screwdriver so that you get more power and leverage while using it.

Whether you love working on vehicles or you simply want to work on your vehicle at home to save money on repair and maintenance bills, you will find that these tools can help you to make light work of some of your more difficult automotive tasks. Take time to explore these options in greater detail today.

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