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Car parts & accessories | 21.02.2014 - 11:18

How to Remove Wheel Locks?

Sometimes, one has to remove a wheel to fix a puncture. In case such a situation rises and the key to the locking lug nuts are not available, here is a simple DIY solution to remove the locks in a hassle free manner.
Wheel Immobilizers
Wheel Immobilizers

Many a times, drivers loose the key to the locking lug nuts of their wheels just when the need for a wheel replacement arises. The reasons could be many; careless tire shop mechanics and the car company’s service station generally misplace it while servicing a car. To add to the troubles of a driver, is an inaccessible lug nut of the wheel; so using a pair of pliers on them seems impossible. Yet there are effective ways to get things straight as far as lug nuts are concerned. One would need a set of handy tools like a heavy steel mallet, a 24” tire breaker bar, a 3” extension, a bench vise and a craftsman part number 47392. The last one is a lug nut removal tool that can be bought for just 40$ or even lesser price.

Removing Wheel Lock

Normally in a craftsman part 47392, there are three sockets made up of hardened steel with each one having two sides:


  • 7/8"
  • 19mm (3/4")
  • 17mm

One side has 6 flutes; this side is used for regular hex nut lugs. The socket extension might fit deep into the centre of this socket. The other side in every socket has a 12-flute end that is specifically designed to grab into smooth surfaces.  Now that one has all tools in place, it is time to get started with the task of removing wheel locks:


  • Get started by checking which size of the socket set best fits over a locking lug nut. A socket that is a size smaller than the best fitting one must be placed over the lug nut with one hand.


  • Now one must use a mallet and hammer this socket over the lug nut twice. This hammering presses it into the lug. A straight hit must be tried as far as possible so that the removal tool can be fit straight too.


  • Now the extension must be fit over the remover tool. The breaker bar needs to be attached to the extension.


  • To ensure that the removal tool does not shift from position, one must place the right hand over it to keep it straight on the socket. The lug can be easily loosened with the left hand.


  • In case the tool begins to spin in the lug, the socket needs to be hammered again for a tighter grip on the lug.


  • Now it is time to use a breaker bar to remove the locking nut. The lug nut loosens immediately and comes off. The lug gets stuck in the removal tool.


  • This removal tool and stuck lug nut need to be taken to the bench vise. Then the lug nut needs to be clamped down and lightly turned back and forth to get the tool’s teeth out.


  • A removed lug nut sports teeth marks. So they cannot be used anymore. It might as well take as long as an hour to remove all 20 lug nuts from the wheels. 


  • This process can be repeated if required to remove the locking nut successfully.


wheel Locks


The most important point that one needs to take care of while carrying out this process of wheel lock removal is to ensure that while hammering the socket, the rim of the tire must not be hit. Hitting it can cause damage easily. Otherwise, it is a great way to remove the locks and get the job done in no time at all.


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